How to block Popup Ads on Android Smartphone or Tablet

Android tablets and Smartphone offers you feature rich apps. Like a web browser. There are many popular web browsers like UC Browser, Opera, Chrome, etc. Some of them are having a desktop edition also and when it comes to android they offer you full features on your portable device.

But with the increasing demand of Android, there is also a problem of popup ads which keeps on coming on your screen and it really annoys you. They also eat your data bandwidth. With that if your device is having a ram less than 512MB then the issue will also remain same. So there are some simple things you can do to permanently block this popup ads. It is very important that you must not install anything in your device if this popup ad forces you. Like some of them will ask you to install a media codec to run a file, or some of them will ask you to install an antivirus. These are all fake things and cause security problem. So let’s see how we can block them.

Blocking Popup ads in Android in the default browser:

Most of the android phone run on stock OS. That means there is not much modification and there is a default web browser in the same. It has a blue globe icon. Follow the below steps to block pop ups on that.

  • Go in the app drawer and start the web browser.
  • Then tap the menu button and then tap on the Settings.
  • In that you have to tap on Advanced.
  • Scroll down to find options Block pop-ups. Tap on it and done. Next time if you use this browser for web surfing it won’t give you much ads.

These steps may differ if you are having Samsung devices. In Samsung default browser, you need to go into settings, tap on Content Settings and then Block Pop-Ups.

Block Pop-ups

Blocking Popup ads in Android in Google Chrome:

Those you are using Google Chrome on android can also block all the popup ads with simple options.

  • Go in the app drawer and start Google Chrome.
  • Then tap on the menu or setting panel.
  • Look for Content Settings in the same.
  • In that you can find Block Pop-Ups. Tap on the same and then re-launch the browser.

Block Pop-upsChrome

I do not recommend you to use a third party popup blocker if you are having an entry level mobile phone. The popup blocker will cause issue with the device performance.

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