How to Turn Your Favored Photo Into a Personalized Paint by Numbers Project: 5 Steps To Take

A paint-by-numbers kit can be the perfect gift or activity to engage everyone in a fun setting.
You can decide to take it to the next level by gifting your spouse, children, friends, grandparents, and every other person in your life with a personalized paint-by-numbers kit or a painted recreation of their favorite photo.
Jump into a stress-relieving hobby and do something beautiful and create personalized new art for yourself or someone – Want to know how to do this? Keep reading this article.

Why You Should Invest in a Personalized Paint by Numbers Kit


You will bring your favorite picture back to life when you work with a personalized paint-by-number kit, not to mention relieving those beautiful memories.
Whether you decide to relive the memories of a family photo, a pet, or a loved one, or to gift someone a personalized art image of themselves, you do not have to look for a professional artist to do this for you, but you can easily do this yourself.

Engaging in this art is also a way to give your brain a break and stop stressing about everyday issues, and it promises fun-filled hours.

How to Turn Your Favored Photo into a Personalized Paint by Numbers Project: 5 Steps To Take

Here’s a rough estimate of what you’ll need to recreate your favorite photo.

  • Computer
  • Printer
  • Canvas Paper
  • Paints
  • Brushes

Here is a step-by-step procedure of what to do:

Step 1


Go to, and under “custom paint by numbers,” click on browse and upload the photo you want to recreate.

How to Choose a Good Photo

Before you send your photo, remember that the finished look will depend on the picture you send, so take your time and choose carefully. Here are the things to look out for:

  • The quality and lighting: Pick a photo with good contrast, high quality, and lighting to get the best result. Avoid small resolution pictures or blurry and unclear pictures.
  • The background: The background of whatever picture you want to use shouldn’t be too cluttered as the little details will not come out clear in the finished product.
  • Quantity of people in the photo: To see the faces clearly in the finished product, the picture you are about to send shouldn’t contain more than two faces (this figure includes your pet). To get more details, you can zoom people’s faces as much as possible
  • Size: While uploading your photo, you can crop the image to your liking and remove any unwanted spaces.

Step 2

Select the different colors your photo has to create your color palette. You can select your palate simply by clicking on some points on your image while the system will make your color palette and a template

Step 3


After you have gotten your template, you can go ahead, save the outline and color palate, and then proceed to print everything (the outline and colors)

At this point Painting by numbers shop will check if the size of your photo fits the ordered canvas size. Their designer will review your draft and ensure it is suitable for printing before printing on the canvas.
The designer will also check your canvas for errors before it is shipped alongside the remaining kits to you.

Step 4

Match the paints from your kits that you have received with the color palette.

Step 5


Begin the stress-free, fun-filled process of creating your favorite photo into a personalized paint by numbers project.

Paint by Number FAQs

Q: How much time does a personalized kit require from start to finish?
A: It depends on the difficulty of the kit and the amount of time you can spare per day or week to finish the kit. So it could take weeks or months.

Q: What sizes of the canvas are available for you?
A: If you are going for personalized art, your image size will determine the size of your canvas.
But if you are interested in the usual paint-by-numbers canvas, you can get a multi-panel canvas (a large canvas) or the average size of canvas which is 16 inches x 20inches

Q: How do I clean my old paint-by-number personalized arts?
A: Like every other paint by number art you have, whether custom or not, you can use bread to collect the dirt or dust on your painting.
Make sure to lay a drop cloth on the ground and under the table you are working on to collect the breadcrumbs.
Use the soft snowy part of the bread to scrub the painting gently. Please make use of light pressure all through.
Once you finish cleaning with the bread, use an unused paint brush to remove the crumbs.

Q: When you want to switch colors, should you clean your paintbrush?
A: Yes, you should clean your brush between each painting session.
Rinse the paintbrush, and use mild soap to clean paint from the bristles thoroughly.
However, please do not leave your brush in a water container or let it rest on its bristles.

Q: Do I need to be a professional painter to do personalized paint by numbers art?
A: No, you do not have to be. However, if you are still a beginner in the world of paint-by-numbers, it is advisable to stick with painting the average art till you get better at it.


Final Thoughts

You need to invest in the best paint-by-numbers set to get a beautiful piece of art at the end. A high-quality set will always give better results, no matter the theme of the painting.

Another tip for you to end up with a masterpiece is to not skimp on applying plenty of paints. Be generous with the extra costs when an area looks streaky or pale. Adding an extra layer of paint can help the painting look bolder, smoother, and more polished.

Another tip is for you to blend like a pro. You must blend the colors to avoid having plenty of sharp edges and more natural-looking edges.
Do this by simply swishing the brush back and forth against the edge of where the colors meet. Make sure to do this when the coat is wet and use smaller brush strokes.

Finally, use a solid frame for your canvas when you are through with your project.

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