Top 6 Cheapest Cars to Rent in Memphis

Memphis is a bright city in the southwestern region of Tennessee. It is well-known as the city where rock ‘n’ roll originated and was born. As a visitor or a resident, it keeps you busy with its beautiful attractions, fine dining, classical museums, beautiful nature, friendly people, rich culture, atmosphere and popping culture. This beautiful city is growing at an amazing pace. The rate of its growth is evident in all areas and car rental is not an exception. It has notably become one of the top cities to experience a gross increase in car rentals in the USA. This region has a good infrastructure so is attractive for people for many aims. Some people are relocating to Tennessee for working issues, career growth, to visit some relatives who are living there and for traveling aims as well.

Globally, the pandemic has had many effects on traveling and this has caused rental prices to skyrocket in the United States.  Finding cheap cars for rent can be tasking sometimes but in Memphis, you are sure to get a good deal that is worth your money. Tennessee is not that expensive region if to compare with other US regions, so it is making it that popular. Here are the top six cheapest rental vehicles you can rent for your trip or for some other issues.

1. Chevrolet Spark (Chevy Spark)

This vehicle is a budget-loving car. It has so much value for its enticing price. It is a hatchback with five doors and a good engine. It has great performance and notable fuel efficiency. This vehicle possesses clean engines that give room for premium rides. Due to its size, it can easily move around narrow areas and almost beat highway speed. This vehicle has an amazing interior that makes one proud of the money spent on rental. You get to enjoy your rides in comfort with its warm seats, spacious interior, and adequate ventilation. The Chevy Spark comes in beautiful colors and attractive finishes. They keep you looking classy even though they are economical. You wouldn’t have any troubles with flue deals as it is an economical car. Moreover, its popular on the market of car purchasing as well.

2. Hyundai Accent


This vehicle has wonderful fuel efficiency. Fuel consumption has become a priority for every driver as gas prices rise daily. With Hyundai Accent, you are sure to ride in peace without bothering much about the vehicle’s fuel consumption or how far the nearest gas station is. This car can save your money. The Hyundai Accent comes with a beautiful and comfortable interior. This car looks good and is very comfortable inside. Although it is a cheap sedan, it still gives an amazing premium experience. This vehicle comes in eye-catching colors and exterior features. It also has suitable luggage space for road trips and travels. This car is suitable for family trip with children, friends and even colleagues as a part of business trip. You can get cheaper cars like this brand in the city at Budget Memphis with the help of You can use this car for getting to the exact spot from the airport, railway station as well as just to make a plan of visiting some places during your journey.

3. Ford Fiesta

This is one of the most rewarding vehicles among budget rental cars. It is a great vehicle for city rides. It comes with a top-notch engine that makes it fun to drive on the beautiful roads of Memphis. It has easy-to-understand controls and it is quite affordable for a fancy-looking vehicle. This is the premium car model, besides from the fact that it is quite cheap in servicing this car. You will definitely save your money for flue. The exterior of this car brand is very attractive. It comes in varying shades that give the feel of a sleek ride. The interior design of this vehicle looks rather expensive with comfortable heated seats. Noise-filtering windows, bright lighting, and wonderful luggage space are additional benefits of the Ford Fiesta

4. Kia Rio


This is the perfect car for lovers of SUVs. You can use this car for family trips. It comes with a well-to-do engine that conveniently lets its drivers move through the bustling areas of the city. If you do not like the screeching sounds of vehicle tires or the rumbling sounds of the wind, Kia Rio has got you covered with its noise filters. It also comes with comfortable interiors, proper ventilation, good storage space for minimal luggage and it has great fuel efficiency.

5. Toyota Yaris

This vehicle has a minimal fuel consumption rate. It comes with nice interiors and has a luxurious look both in and out. This vehicle also has great security features like a good alarm system and driver-protection advantages (brake assistance). It is a great ride for touring through the fine roads of Memphis.

6. Mitsubishi Mirage


Generally, this vehicle is not ultra-modern or highly developed for the roads but has some unbeatable features that make it stand out. It has great fuel efficiency and amazing speed ranges for an economy ride. The Mitsubishi Mirage is not greedy with space as it can provide adequate space for a family road trip. It also has in-vehicle spaces with folded seats. The interior of this vehicle comes with its comfort package. Its heated seats are no joke. Your back gets to rest while you enjoy the beautiful road. The Mitsubishi Mirage also has a good security system. It is a wonderful vehicle for your day-to-day rides through the city, weekend getaways, or anything-outdoor trip related with loved ones.

When trying to book or rent a car, you can use the car rental app instead. You will certainly get stunning discounts on incredible vehicles. Opting for luxury cars is a wonderful option. It might seem like they are expensive but rest assured that you would find affordable ones within your budget. You don’t need to overpay for car during your traveling and always find cheap alternative for you.

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