Everything You Need To Know About Automatic Tablet Counting Machine

In the pharmaceutical industry, it is essential to consider the concept of the accuracy of counting pills. Further, the technological shift from conventional to highly advanced methods has opened doors for new inventions to make the task easier. Traditional procedures, such as manual tablet counting, are pretty laborious and inaccurate.

In this context, the automatic tablet counting machine assists pharmaceutical companies in accurately meeting their significant demand for counting tablets. These machines are especially useful in healthcare industries, hospitals and clinics, production factories, and scientific research institutions. Certain manufacturing companies deliver highly automated machines that not only help in counting the pills precisely but also can help in filling.

Top-quality tablet counting machines can be applicable in filling every kind of tablet, capsule, and gummies. Besides, these automated machines can be integrated with labeling and cartooning machines. Read below to find out why you must have an automatic counting machine.

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5 Reasons Why You Need An Automatic Tablet Counting Machine

An automatic tablet counting machine is an effective solution, especially in pharmaceutical companies. These are highly accurate and help reduce labor costs and space as well. Besides, these make the counting task at a significantly faster rate. Additionally, these automated machines can be integrated with other machines to deliver highly dynamic functionality. Read below to better understand some of the top reasons why you should consider getting them for your company.

1. High Accuracy

The high-quality counting machines are so accurate that there is not even the slightest chance that the tablet counting would be inaccurate. On the contrary, manual counting can sometimes be incorrect, leading to higher supplies and, hence, increased costs. On the other hand, these automatic machines have an extremely low failure rate. The accuracy rate of such machines is nearly 99.98%.

2. Time-Saving

Manual methods are time-consuming as it takes a lot of time to count the tablets correctly. Meanwhile, the automatic machines can help count a large batch in a few minutes. This way, it helps save a considerable amount of time. Good quality machines allow you to fill around 100 bottles in a minute. That means around 9000 bottles can be counted in an hour quickly. In addition, all kinds of capsules ranging from 2mm to 40mm can be counted precisely.

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3. Minimal Efforts

Manual counting demands a considerable number of specialized labor to complete the counting procedure. Further, it takes hours to count large batches manually. However, automatic machines reduce the need for labor significantly. It, in turn, brings down the amount of hiring workers. Hence, not only does it reduces efforts, it improves the return on investment too.

4. Saves Space

These automated equipment are considerably small in size. Hence, you can save a lot of factory space. Besides, these machines can integrate other efficient machines, such as cartooning and labeling machines, thereby making the complete process automatic with minimal involvement of manual workers.

5. Highly Dynamic Function

Automatic tablet counting machines assist in sorting the bottles for counting and filling the material into the machines. After that, it allows counting tablets, capsules, and gummies after the materials are lined into channels. Besides, these machines are also applicable in filling the pills into bottles and removing any defective bottles, if any.

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Final Thoughts

In essence, it is a current need for industries, especially healthcare and scientific institutions, to get automatic counting machines. These not only help save time and reduce efforts, but they are also beneficial in boosting accuracy and efficiency. Certain manufacturing companies deliver high-quality machines for industries to make their work efficient.

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