How to Disable the Forced Encryption on Android 5.0 Lollipop

Android 5.0 Lollipop is the latest Android OS that comes with various advance features and great UI. Google has now also implemented Encryption on the device so that you get more extended data security. Now we will take the example of Nexus 5. This device has an encryption turned on by default. Sometime this Encryption can slow down the device output. Sometime it won’t allow you to unmount the external storage also. By default it is turned on and very few options are available in the settings.

By turning off encryption you can also play with custom ROMs. Sometime you won’t be able to run any app which requires a write access on the SD card or on the internal storage. And due to encryption this thing is not allowed. By turning it off it is easier for you to manage multiple ROMs on the same.

This is for advance users only. If you are not aware anything about Encryption then it is good to leave t aside and go ahead using some other stuff. The encryption usually works on software layer and by making changes in that we will be modifying it. There is no way to restore it back. There are two tools which can be used for the same. First is Stock LRX21O – No force encrypt and the second one is Stock boot.img. The second one is only to restore original ROM incase if there is any problem.

Encryption on Android 5.0 Lollipop


  • A rooted Android device with custom bootloader on the same. Like TWRP or CynogenMod
  • Stock LRX21O – No force encrypt
  • We will be overwriting the existing rom of Nexus 6. This will void the phone warranty and cause serious hardware issue if not followed properly.
  • Do it on your own risk.


The first thing you have do to is check that your device is rooted or not. You must have a custom recovery stored on the same. So that you can reboot your phone in a advance recovery menu. Also the device must be rooted. Verify the same by a root checker app.

  • Switch off the phone and start it in custom recovery. This will only work when the device fastboot is unlocked.
  • Once you are done with unlocking the rom and rooting it you can then move ahead in running a non-encrypted boot image file.
  • Install Android ADB and Fastboot in your pc.
  • Move the Stock LRX21O – No force encrypt ROM in the fastboot folder. Rename the same to boot.img for easy command.
  • Now go in Fastboot folder and hold Shift and right click. Choose Start CMD.
  • The location will be selected by default. Choose Flash boot.img and hit enter. Wait until the process is over.

That’s it. Now reboot your phone and test.

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