Free WiFi Zone by Vodafone at Khan Market area in Delhi

Here’s a good news for Delhi guys, specially the ones around Khan Market area. A well known telecom provider Vodafone today announced offering free WiFi connectivity to people in Khan Market area of Country’s capital, Delhi. This free WiFi Hotspots have been provided in few areas such as  Khan Chacha, ROUTE 04, SOY, Choko La, Big Chill, Pure Punjab, Chonas and Town Hall. Good news is that, you dont need to be Vodafone customer to get this access. It is available for No-Vodafone subscribers as well.


However, this free service is available for just a Month for both Vodafone and Non-Vodafone users. Whereas, there is a small difference between subscribers. If you are a Vodafone user, you will get upto 50MB free data everyday upto 30 months. But to get this, you will first need to activate the access by sending free SMS “ACT TRYWIFI” to toll free to 111. While non-vodafone users need to collect a vouchers from the outlets from the above mentioned places which will be valid for 20 minutes. This will be free voucher ofcourse. After 20 mints, they can avail another voucher. Well, this is also free only for 30 days.


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