8 Excellent Part-Time Jobs for Students

As a student, you have a lot of bills to pay, both academic and personal, which can be challenging to manage. Working student-friendly jobs that fit your schedule is one approach to making cash on the side. These jobs do not require the rigidity of the professional workforce and are easily accessible.

Part-time jobs come in various descriptions, so depending on your area of interest and skill set, you could work as a web designer, transcriber, virtual assistant, or paper writer. Regarding the latter, it is worth mentioning that it does not necessarily have to be research papers only. You can also write essays or any other academic works while you work as an essay writer for best price for a paper writing service for students.

Even if you lack online skills that you can offer, there are part-time jobs that do not require prior knowledge and are easy to learn, some of which are listed below.

1. Tutoring

Source: tutorme.com

Tutoring is an excellent method to make money while enrolled in college. Tutoring positions can be found online and offline, in private or on-campus settings. You can also easily incorporate them into your schedule.

Working as a tutor allows you to choose between teaching high school and middle school students or becoming a peer tutor at on-campus tutoring centers. You don’t need a professional degree to land this job.

Along with its generous income, tutoring experiences foster soft skills useful in all spheres of life, such as communication, problem-solving, and time management. You can also hand over your stacked workload to a reliable essay writing service while you are busy tutoring. To find such a service, you should check a reliable essay service review platform.

2. Ushering

Working as an usher allows you to network and build valuable connections you wouldn’t usually have access to. It cultivates skills such as customer service and conflict resolution, which are helpful at all levels of the social ladder.

Ushering jobs also open you up to hospitality or facility management positions, which could look impressive on your resume. And most importantly, you can earn extra cash on the side as an usher.

3. Paid Internships

Source: careers.slb.com

Internships are valuable as they provide firsthand experience in your desired career path. They go a long way in helping you explore a career path that can broaden your perspective.

Internships, especially paid ones, are golden opportunities for students to gain work experience. But nowadays, they are difficult to come by and may not fit into your academic schedule. If you find one, make sure to take advantage of it. You can use sites like Glassdoor, LinkedIn, or Chegg Internships to find lucrative opportunities.

4. Cafe Barista

If you’re a people person and a coffee lover, working as a barista is one job you would enjoy. Working as a barista helps you learn people management and communication, which would help you land service jobs in the future. It also allows you to create meaningful connections with lecturers and students in the cafe.

Cafe jobs are easy to find and apply to, but they are one of the most competitive because of their minimal experience requirement.

5. Bookkeeping

Source: forbes.com

If you are excellent with figures and have ample knowledge of finance, bookkeeping can be one of the jobs you should consider. Startup companies that cannot hire professional accountants opt for student bookkeepers or part-time workers.

You can work as a bookkeeper part-time, entering information into their balance sheets, keeping an organized record of bank deposits, and generating reports. This part-time job polishes your organizational skills and teaches you how to analyze financial statements—a skill applicable in your academic life and the workforce. Payments for part-time bookkeepers range from $15-$20 per hour.

6. Freelancing

Since you get to pick which jobs you want to accept and when you want to work, freelancing allows you ample freedom to work and earn as a student. It also equips you with self-management and multitasking skills. You can also do this work from home, unlike other jobs that require you to clock in physically.

Freelance jobs come in different forms, such as writing, graphic design, or virtual assisting. Multiple employment offers are available on freelance platforms, regardless of your skill set and availability.

7. Brand Promotion

Source: lucidadvertising.com

One way to make money from your social media presence is by being a brand promoter. Brand promoting is the bridge between a company and its prospective buyers, so it requires a lot of effort, but the pay starts from $20-$25 per hour. If you are extroverted and enjoy public interaction, becoming a brand ambassador can be a long-term career.

As a brand promoter, you personify the brand’s image and appearance and create different content and strategies to push your brand and create awareness. Learning to develop these strategies improves your ability to inform and influence a buyer’s decision-making process.

Experience in this field builds your competency as a marketer and gives you an edge over your peers if you’re pursuing a degree in marketing or business.

8. Tour Guide

As a tour guide, you provide assistance and information on the cultural heritage of places a tourist wants to visit. You also connect with people of diverse races and learn about different cultural backgrounds as you guide them. Schooling in a city that is a major tourist attraction opens up a job opportunity you can leverage as a student.

As a tour guide, you develop organizational and people skills, which are in demand. Tourist season is usually during holidays, allowing you to work long hours without worrying about academic activities. The pay depends on the tour companies.


Despite the many benefits of working while studying, it is crucial to consider inconvenient factors and make more beneficial decisions. Your health is your wealth, so you should always keep it in mind when working.

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