The Science Behind Note-Taking: How It Can Help You Focus, Write Essay, and Study Better

Studying in school or college is hard. Luckily, these days there are plenty of tools that can help students succeed in less time and with less effort. There are also plenty of advanced software, apps, and gadgets to support your studies on a daily basis. Yet, with so many options, students often forget about the basic, old-school studying strategies like note-taking. Namely, modern students have access to tutors and paper writing services like that can provide them with professional academic assistance.

For decades, note-taking has been an integral part of education. This practice has become so ubiquitous in college classrooms that many young people do it unconsciously. Yet, there are still those who don’t, and experts believe this might be holding them back from success.

So do you really need to take notes? In this article, a professional essay writer online from Do My Essay will tell you about the top five reasons why you MUST take notes in the classroom. Let’s dive in!

1. It Helps You Focus


Experts confirm that the human ability to focus is drastically decreasing today. A study by Microsoft revealed that our attention span has shrunk by nearly 25% in only a few years. Now the average attention span is 8 seconds, meaning that most people today, including students, are having a hard time concentrating.

Needless to say, if you don’t stay focused during your classes, you will barely learn anything, and this is the first reason to take notes. Taking notes requires physical exertion and mental effort to stay concentrated 100% of the time. Thus, if you do it, you will be able to make the most out of every lesson and ensure that you don’t miss out on anything.

2. It Helps You Create High-Quality Referencing Materials

According to surveys, 94.5% of students report that they take notes primarily because it provides them with referencing materials for their exam prep and homework. Indeed, during classes and lectures, your professors will give you all the information you need to handle homework assignments, essays, and exams.

If you take notes regularly, you will have plenty of high-quality referencing materials to study better, which can help you boost your performance. And even if you decide to use a professional write my essay service, which you can find by checking pro reviews on NoCramming, providing the notes from your classes to your writer will help you get the best quality.

3. It Teaches You Effective Prioritization


A standard college lecture can include 45 to 60 minutes of speaking. Needless to say, noting down every word your teacher says is nearly impossible and also unnecessary. Instead, you need to grasp and write down only the key moments, which brings us to the next benefit of note-taking–it teaches you to prioritize information effectively.

When you take notes regularly, you learn how to set priorities. This skill will help you in other areas of your studies. For example, you will be able to see which tasks need to be done right now and which can be postponed. Also, you will be able to see when it’s wiser to write essay with DoMyEssay to have more time for exam prep, etc. And this skill will also come in handy in many other spheres of your life.

4. It Improves Information Retention

Numerous studies confirm that taking notes helps retain the studied information better. When taking notes, students learn more actively–they have to process the given information, identify the key moments, and also write them down. As a result, they memorize the materials better.

Pro tip: An expert essay writer online emphasizes the importance of taking notes by hand, in particular. According to studies, handwritten notes offer even better retention.

5. It Teaches You How to Organize Large Amounts of Information


Finally, according to the specialist from Do My Essay, note-taking is never only about writing down what your professor says. If you delve deeper, this process is more about taking large amounts of information and breaking them down into smaller, more manageable chunks. Simply put, it’s about the wise organization of the information.

Therefore, one more reason why you need to take notes in the classroom is that it teaches you organizational skills. With these skills, learning will not be as overwhelming as it can seem now. And, of course, these skills will also come in handy in all other spheres of your life, including your future career.

The Bottom Line

Taking notes might be boring, tiresome, and time-consuming. Nevertheless, it has always been a ubiquitous classroom practice, not without reason. For help you can always contact

As you now know, taking notes in college can help you stay more focused, create excellent referencing materials, and study better in general. Regular note-taking can also teach you a number of skills that you’ll need to succeed in college and beyond. Therefore, without any doubt, taking notes is crucial for students. So if you still don’t do it, now is the right time to start!

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