Spotted the Early Signs of Hair Loss? Here’s What to Do Next 

Millions of men every year experience male pattern hair loss, but there’s no need to ignore it and hope for the best, as has been the case with lots of men in the past. When you have a full head of hair, it can breed self-esteem and improve your confidence, so there’s no need to suffer in silence. Therefore, if you have noticed some of the early signs of hair loss, here are some of the things you can do to kickstart your hair loss treatment.

Don’t panic

If you notice that your hairline is receding or even that some of your hair has fallen out, it can be a worrying time and is likely to stress you out. But the key thing to remember is not to panic. Remember, it’s perfectly normal to lose between 50 and 100 hairs every single day, so if you’ve noticed some hair in the bathtub or on the pillow, it might not be at all related to a hair loss condition. However, if you have noticed that your hair loss is more pronounced over a longer period of time, it’s a good idea to schedule a checkup with a medical professional. This can rule out any underlying health conditions and will give you the confidence to get started with a hair loss treatment plan.


Consider your choices

Approximately 6.5 million men in the UK experience some form of hair loss at any given time, so you’re certainly not alone. But just because hair loss is common, it doesn’t mean that you should just ignore it. In fact, there are two medications that have been scientifically proven to treat male pattern hair loss – Minoxidil and Finasteride, and we introduce each of them below.

What is Minoxidil?

Minoxidil is a vasodilator that is clinically proven to improve the flow of blood and oxygen to your scalp. As a result, it stimulates the growth of your hair follicles by providing them with the nutrients they need to thrive. Treating your hair with Minoxidil is super straightforward, and you just need to apply the solution to the affected areas of your scalp once every day. After 3-6 months, you will begin seeing positive results of your application.


What is Finasteride?

Finasteride blocks the growth of a hormone called DHT, which is primarily responsible for male pattern hair loss. When used in conjunction with Minoxidil, it represents your best opportunity to successfully treat hair loss. As a prescription medication, you need to schedule an appointment with a physician in order to use Finasteride to treat male pattern hair loss.

If you’re wondering how to treat hair loss, consider consulting with a qualified dermatologist or hair loss specialist who can provide personalized recommendations and suggest suitable treatments. They may recommend options such as medication, topical solutions, or procedures like hair transplantation. Additionally, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including a balanced diet and regular exercise, can contribute to overall hair health.

Getting started with your hair loss treatment today

As soon as you notice the early signs of hair loss, the good news is that you can do something about it. In fact, the sooner you take action, the quicker you will see the results of your treatment. Whether you opt for both Finasteride and Minoxidil or wish to speak to a physician before starting your treatment, it’s best to take the first steps as soon as possible.

Thanks to recent advancements, hair loss medications and treatments are really effective, meaning you no longer have to suffer in silence with male pattern hair loss, and you can easily take the necessary steps to treat the condition from home.

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