Experts from Keenethics.Com Named Famous Companies That Use Node.js Successfully

Node is the most popular runtime environment (RE) worldwide today. Statista reports that over 42% of programmers globally use this development tool to create web applications, project management software, and many more. Furthermore, numerous enterprises from different branches prefer employing Node.js software.

Using the link, you can find the industries where the mentioned environment is employed the most. And below, one may view well-known companies successfully using Node applications.

IT Enterprises That Actively Employ Node.js by Keenethics.Com


First, it’s worth noting The Mozilla Corporation. This enterprise is famous for its popular browser. Plenty of Mozilla Firefox web applications use Node due to its ease of use as well as hefty memory capacity.

GoDaddy Also Employs Node.js


The specified company provides businesses with web hosting and domain name registration services. The enterprise server-side infrastructure depends on Node. GoDaddy senior app creator explains their choice because the mentioned RE allows for releasing new features and making qualitative software in a short time.

Yahoo Is in Play, Too


Initially, the mentioned platform was marketed as a comprehensive web directory for finding sports, news, and financial info. Later, the company launched its own search engine as well as email service.

As the described platform has been growing intensively, its app-making department employs Node.js for client-side development. That’s because this runtime environment stands out for its scalability and performance.

Famous e-Commerce Platforms That Use Node


Here, Keenethics experts note the following well-known enterprises:

  1. EBay. This is an online marketplace where visitors may purchase products from firms or ordinary sellers via internet transactions. EBay developers decided on Node.js because it’s able to maintain live server connections for about 200 mln platform users daily.
  2. Walmart. A large US retail enterprise operates plenty of department and grocery shops worldwide. Company coders use the described RE to create comprehensive UIs, as well as APIs, for corporate applications.
  3. Groupon. That’s an e-commerce site that works with third-party services to offer special prices and discounts to consumers. Primarily, company developers employed Ruby on Rails. But in 2015, they changed their minds and migrated to Node. Programmers moved their web as well as mobile traffic to the mentioned environment. This decision helped speed up web page load and reduce resources for huge traffic.

Generally, Node.js assists e-commerce companies in making their websites more attractive for prospects as well as even better for existing regular clients.

Node Popularity Reached Space

According to experts, NASA also actively uses the described environment. The institution was able to migrate its data, as well as tools, by employing Node.js microservices. The latter enables you to present a powerful application not as an autonomous unit but as a collection of small services.

The NASA decision allows for enhancing the effectiveness of data system operations as well as providing users with new methods to access the institution’s Earth science dataset collection. Moreover, it raises individuals’ autonomy, ensures shared controls and services, etc.


Bottom Line

Numerous private and state establishments worldwide employ Node.js nowadays. That’s because of the ease of use, great scalability, huge memory capacity, and many more helpful features of this JavaScript runtime environment. You may find more details on the benefits of the described RE, e.g., in the Keenethics thematic blog.

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