HouseFuel – Smokeless Coal FAQs

You’ve probably seen smokeless coal for sale before, but maybe you haven’t got around to purchasing it yet.

There are bound to be many questions that you have about smokeless coal and what benefits can provide to you, your fire, and those around it.

Here we will look at some of the most common frequently asked questions regarding smokeless coal so you have a better insight into the product.

Is smokeless coal more efficient?

When compared to traditional coal briquettes, smokeless coal is more efficient, because it burns for longer and produces far less smoke. Not only does this mean that you are emitting fewer pollutants into the atmosphere, but it also means that your flame can roar for longer and that you won’t have to replenish your stock as frequently.

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Is smokeless coal completely smokeless?

It’s not possible to make 100% smokeless coal, in part due to the nature of the burning process, but the smoke levels are so low that they can be considered technically smokeless.

Rest assured that, when compared to the more traditional form of coal, smokeless coal will produce far less smoke.

I live in a Smoke Control Area – what does this mean for me?

Because you live in a Smoke Control Area, it means that you have to be cautious about the amount of smoke that your flames produce so that you don’t break any local laws.

The reasoning behind the introduction of these zones is to reduce the amount of pollution that is present there so the air is more breathable and safer for the environment. Therefore, smokeless coal would be the perfect solution for you.

Will smokeless coal mean cleaning my combustion chamber is no longer required?

No, you’ll still need to clean your combustion chamber (the area where the fire takes place). The amount of soot and residue left in your fireplace or fire pit will have reduced, but there will still be remnants of the smokeless coal present.

As it is typically low in sulphur, smokeless coal should make it slightly easier to clean your fireplace.


Does smokeless coal work in wood-burning appliances?

Always check with the device manufacturer before proceeding. If your stove is specifically designed for wood, it’s inadvisable to use any form of coal in it.

However, smokeless coal will work well in multi-fuel stoves. Check the instruction manual for information on how to do this.

Is smokeless coal safe to use inside?

As long as you have a chimney where your fire takes place, you can use smokeless coal indoors. This is because there is still a minimal amount of smoke produced, so you’ll need to have some sort of vent.

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