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Cannabis is available in various dosages. The smallest measurement for marijuana in Canada is in grams. Many marijuana dispensaries in Canada give each customer an eighth or around 3.5 grams. Despite this, the most affordable way to purchase marijuana is wholesale or in bulk.

Purchasing bulk weed in Canada allows you to build up a supply of marijuana buds for long-term personal use. This eliminates the need to visit dispensaries whenever a craving arises. This practice benefits those who value their time and aim to save more money.

If you are interested, this article will discuss the benefits of buying bulk cannabis online.

Key Takeaways:

  • Bulk weed refers to a larger amount of weed purchased in a single transaction.
  • Bulk purchases offer larger discounts to the buyer.
  • Buying 4 ounces and above is a bulk purchase.

What is Bulk Weed?

Bulk weed refers to a larger quantity of cannabis typically purchased at once, often in larger quantities than typically bought for personal use. Instead of buying small amounts of cannabis, such as a single gram or an eighth of an ounce, individuals purchase larger quantities, such as ounces, quarters, or even pounds of cannabis, in a single transaction.

Bulk weed is sought after by individuals who use cannabis regularly or by those who wish to save money by buying in larger quantities.

Bulk Cannabis Products to Try

King Craft Mendo Breath 4 oz: $600

8 oz: $1000

16 oz: 1900

  • Joyful tingling sensation
  • Heavy couch-locked body high
Trainwreck 4 oz: $400

8 oz: $800

16 oz: $1700

  • Mellow body high
  • Offers creative and unique ideas
Bubba Supreme 4 oz: $400

8 oz: $700

16 oz: $1300

  • Intense and relaxing sensation
God’s Green Crack 4 oz: $500

8 oz: $1000

16 oz: $2000

  • Head and body effects
  • Lift the mood while relaxing muscles
Cookie Monster 4 oz: $600

8 oz: $900

16 oz: $1700

  • Body High
  • Creative
  • Euphoria
  • Happy

The Benefits of Buying in Bulk

If you use cannabis in Canada, you might be considering if it’s worthwhile to purchase large quantities of marijuana. After all, purchasing in bulk usually requires a larger initial outlay.

There are several advantages to buying marijuana in bulk that make it worthwhile to think about, particularly if you use cannabis frequently.



If you want to save money, bulk cannabis can be a wonderful option. The cost of buying a product in bulk is frequently substantially lower than buying it separately. You won’t need to worry about returning to the store for more supplies.

If you plan to buy a greater number, it will be much simpler to compare the prices and shop. This may enable you to maximize your financial resources. In terms of quality, buying in bulk can be advantageous. Cannabis of greater quality is frequently available for less money. This is because purchasing in bulk lets you strike better terms with the supplier.


Every single time you buy grams of marijuana, plastic packaging is employed. We are all aware of the negative effects that environmental waste, like wasted plastic, may have. Such packaging is not necessary when purchasing cannabis in bulk.

There would be no need to package each gram of marijuana after a user receives it in the comfort of his home. That is a significant step toward environmental preservation.


Imagine requiring a decent joint but not wanting to go anywhere. Sadly, discovering no more marijuana at home can be quite frustrating. This is why having a stash of bulk cannabis is a wise choice.

You can consume weed when needed by keeping it in large quantities in your home and not worrying about where you’ll acquire it when things become tough. Patients who lack the luxury of visiting marijuana dispensaries can also benefit from it. You can order bulk cannabis from Canadian online dispensaries and deliver it to your home.



Purchasing cannabis in bulk can be an excellent way to access high-quality marijuana. This method of buying allows customers to save money, as many dispensaries offer discounts in addition to free shipping promotions. When buying in bulk, regular cannabis users can enjoy a joint anytime without worrying about running out of their supply.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can enjoy the benefits of buying cannabis in larger quantities?

  • Frequent Users: Regular cannabis users find buying in bulk more cost-effective over time. It ensures a steady supply without the need for frequent purchases.
  • Medical Patients: Patients who rely on cannabis for therapeutic reasons, such as managing chronic pain, anxiety, or sleep disorders, can benefit from buying in bulk to maintain consistent access to their medicine.
  • Budget-Conscious Consumers: Those looking to maximize their savings on cannabis purchases often opt for bulk buying. They come with discounts or reduced prices per gram, ounce, or other unit of measurement.

How much do you get when you buy in bulk?

The quantity you receive depends on the amount you purchase at a dispensary. For instance, some dispensaries categorize bulk orders as exceeding 4 ounces (equivalent to 112 grams). When you order 4 ounces or more, you become eligible for discounts at a dispensary of your choosing.

How do you store large quantities of weed?

Properly preserving your beloved strain is necessary to maintain its quality. It should be kept free from air and UV light and have the right level of humidity added to avoid becoming bland. This will help it maintain a shelf life of two years.

The best place to store marijuana for an extended period is in an airtight glass container. Glass protects against air exposure and is free from harmful chemicals. You can keep a glass jar in a dark location to shield it from light, or opt for one with a UV-protective coating and a snug-fitting silicone lid to block sunlight.


What are promotions or bonuses you get when buying in bulk?

The greater the quantity you purchase, the more substantial the discount you’ll receive from the dispensary. You can take advantage of a free shipping deal once you’ve reached the minimum purchase criteria. If you’re a new customer at an online dispensary, you can also take advantage of a 20% discount on your initial order. Loyal customers can use points earned from previous purchases to reduce costs.

What to consider when buying in bulk?

  • Make sure the marijuana comes from a trusted supplier.
  • To produce a higher-quality product, ensure the weed is dry and well-cured.
  • Ensure you store the marijuana in a cool, dark location to extend its shelf life. For the most therapeutic effects, you want to make sure your cannabis buds are at the top of their game.
  • Seek the greatest customer service because it enhances the likelihood that the shop will take care of you if any problems happen.

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