Android M – What new Features to expect

Android M

We are just few hours away from Google I/o 2015 event (you can watch Live Stream here), waiting eagerly to know what Google has to announce. Last year’s Google I/O was all about Android Lollipop (Android L), Android Wear, Android TV, etc. Now in the upcoming I/O event, there are rumors about Android M (Android 6.0), the next version of Android Operating system. Couple of weeks ago when they announced Google I/O event, somebody mistakenly revealed Android M. But soon after the schedule went out, Google removed the session from the list.

On the Official website of Google’s I/O event there is a list of Agendas of the event, “What is new in Android” session is one of them. So we can expect that we can get something new about Android, possibly a new Version. Also there are several sessions on Material Design which will be held by Matias Duarte and it is named as “Material Now”.

Android M

There are high possibilities that new version of Android will not have totally different UI design but we can expect some improved features instead. The interesting part here is what would be its name? I mean, what does M stands for? If we continue the chocolate names like all other previous versions of Android, than M might stand for Mars, Muffin, Milshake, Milky Bar, Mud Cake, Marshmallow, ohh man.

Now coming to the point, let’s take a glance what New and improved things we can expect from Android M in I/O 2015:

1. On the official website of Google I/O there is a session “Smarter and personalized device authentication with Smart Lock” which directly indicates that Android M will have new and smarter locking System. It is also written that Biometric lock can also be included.

2. The “Notifications, Interruptions and Volumes: Coming Attractions” session flat-out indicates that there will be changes in Notification.

3. Android M will undoubtedly offer some new improvements about how smartwatches and Smartphones interact. It will probably focus on notification and voice search.

4. Android Auto which is currently available in Australia, UK, US and many car Manufacturers are still implementing it. Android M will be optimized with Android Auto for cars which will control GPS, messaging and many more things in a standalone format.

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