Google reveals Brillo Project and Weave for IoT

Google Brillo and Weave

Google launched the Brillo project for Internet of Things platform at the I/O Conference yesterday. The goal behind this project is to provide a simple operating system for IoT platform which include household connected devices and much more. Brillo is developed for home automation systems which include household electronic appliances like fridges, light bulbs, alarm clocks, thermostats, speakers, washing machines, security systems and other smart devices.

Google Brillo Project

It was released by Google’s senior vice president of products Sundar Pichai yesterday at the I/O. “Today people are making connected devices like smart light bulbs, but it’s hard for developers” he said. “We’re announcing Project Brillo which will be the underlying operating system for IoT. It’s based on the lower layers of Android, the kernel, so it can run on things with minimal system requirements.” He further stated.

Google has also revealed a communication standard and set of Iot protocols, named Weave along with Brillo. He explained “You need a common language so devices can talk to each other, the cloud and your phone. So we have standardised schemes, so these devices can have a common language, Weave.”

Google Weave for IoT
“[With Weave] a door can lock and unlock all devices that the ecosystem can understand. Anything that is Weave certified can understand each other. Even better, it’s cross platform.” Pichai has stated that a developer preview of Brillo will will be released in Q3, while “Weave documentation will be released throughout the year”. A general IoT platform and standard is required followed the release of the Brillo OS.

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