Microsoft Launching Surface 2 and Surface Pro tablets on September 23

Microsoft is yet again in news for this Surface Tablet series. Rumors says that Microsoft is going to come up with its new series of Surface Tablet. This time it will be more powerful and portable. The series is called as Surface 2.0. A event is expected in New York in the month of September. Compared to the older model the new one will be better in terms of design and feature. But there nothing mentioned about price cut. Surface tablets are too costly. Microsoft has a direct competition with Apple devices. Leaving other aside this two giants are giving the best product in the market but at a very high cost.  Tie would tell that who among them will leap ahead and provide a bit relief in pricing. As per certain sites on web, the new models will comprise Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2. This are enhanced edition of current models in the market. The OS will be Windows 8.1. What matters here is the detail info on its hardware configuration.

surface 2 event
For that we might need to wait till September 23rd. Microsoft is not going to go ahead with release of Surface Mini. This was again popular in rumors that this company might release a direct competition to iPad Mini. It is a affordable version of full size tablet. Both new models will surely have something better in them. But most of things are going to remain same. Microsoft is going upgrade Surface Pro 2 with Intel’s Haswell CPU. This is the 3rd generation processor which is designed to work on minimum power. This will in-return boost the battery output.  On the other hand Surface 2 is expected to be powered by Nvidia Tegra 4 CPU and full 1080p display support.

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