Nokia launches Nokia 114 feature phone with Urdu Keypad in India for Rs. 2579

Nokia India has released a new device called as Nokia 114. This is a budget phone which comes for Rs.2,579. This model also features an Urdu keypad. The phone belongs to the affordable series. Nokia 114 is an entry level phone which offers you a direct Urdu language support. This is the first device while no other devices in the market are having an Urdu keypad. It looks Nokia is getting more specific towards language base support that help them to target a bigger number of popular. The device as introduced by Kapil Sibal (Minster of Communication & IT. )Other members at the launch were P.Balaji MD Nokia India. The device is launched and loaded with all features which are required for entry level devices.

Urdu is one of the major languages in our country. It is widely spoken and used in many regions. For those who use it as primary language does not has any option to communicate. They have to use English or any other language which is in the phone. But through Nokia 114 they can simply use their primary language which adds more comfort to communication. Along with this features, this device is going to support more than 11 Indian languages. They are Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Gujarati, Bengali, Oriya, Assamese, Punjabi and Marathi. Nokia has already released a huge series of mobile phone which has support for all this Indian languages.

The phone features a tiny 1.8inch screen with maximum resolution of 128×160. It has a T9 keypad with vga camera and dual SIM feature. It also has a Dual SIM swap technology through which you can simply switch from one SIM to another without going with any manual settings. The device also offers you a memory card slot and works on 1020mAh battery. The maximum talk time it offers you are upto 10.5hours.

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