Apple iPhone 5C launched, shipping starts September 18

Apple came up with its new edition of iPhone. This new iPhone will be in two variation. The first is iPhone 5S and the second one is iPhone 5C. The shipping of iPhone 5C is expected to be starting from September, 18. This time Apple is working on the most affordable range of iPhone devices. Cutting out the price to much lower compare to the older series, iPhone 5C is going to be more portable and a affordable this time. The body consist of polycarbonated body which makes it durable and a bit long lasting. The look and feel of this model is bit sturdy and good. It looks Apple is bending more towards the durable series with great looks as well. Apple has also tweaked the colors. You have choices to choose from 5 different colors now. Which are Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow and White. In terms of design Apple is offering a set of more new stuff.

Apple iPhone 5C
Major development in iPhone 5C is eye catching. Usually Apple strive a bit harder in terms of feature and internal hardware. But this time working on the body cover matters a more. And as mentioned above you have more new color choices. iPHone 5C will be working on multiband antenna. This is more powerful and allow you much faster speed. Overall glossy finish over the body makes the device cool to hold up. If we compare this new device with the older one, then it is a bit more thicker and also has more weight. That can be due to added internal component. The front screen of this device will hae a 4inch Retina display offering you a maximum resolution of 640×1136. It will come with the latest iOS 7 and Apple A6 Chipset. Other features are Wifi A/B/G/N  support, with Bluetooth 4.0 and 100mbos LTE. For camera it offers you a 8MP primary camera.  This device will start selling at a cost of $99 for 16GB and $199 for 32GB. It is first sold in US, China, UK, Australia, Canada,  France, Germany, Japan and Singapore via leading telecom providers. While others will have wait till December.

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