Apple OS X El Capitan Announced, what new features coming

Apple OS X El Capitan Photo

As we had informed you earlier WWDC kicked off yesterday. I must say it was an awesome Keynote as Apple revealed new iOS 9 for iPhone, iPad and iPods as well as new OS for Apple Watch dubbed Watch OS2 along with a brand new version of MAC OS X named ‘OS X El Capitan’. It is based on Mac OS X Yosemite.

OS X EI Capitan does not adds many new feature but it is a refinement of Yosemite features. There are refinements mainly in two areas, Performance and Design. OS X EI Capitan is available as a developer beta and its public beta will come soon by this summer.  Lets’ have a close look at what all new stuffs we gonna get with this new Apple OS X El Capitan.

Apple OS X El Capitan Photo


Coming to performance of El Capitan, the system is optimized enough to offer open files or apps much faster than ever before. For example, PDF files can now open 4 times faster than before, same is with Apps. The system now launched the apps upto 1.4 times faster. Also, the time of switching apps has been improved.


Apple claims that it has made many notable improvements in terms of Performance with OS EI Capitan. They have also introduced a new feature called as Metal. According to Apple definition Metal is a graphics technology that will allow the system applications or Games to access the GPU directly. Metal allows the CPU and GPU to work more efficiently.

Swift 2:

There will also be a new open source programming language named as Swift 2. Apple introduced this programming language yesterday itself, we will bring more info about the same very soon.

Apple Swift 2.0

Split screen view:

Split screen is one the major desktop change in new Mac OS which a allows you to toggle between Full Screen Mode and Split Screen View which automatically places two apps side by side. This make switching between two apps much faster.

OS X El Capitan Split View


Safari also got a new features like Tab pinning which allows you to ‘Pin’ your favorite websites on the top left of the Safari browser, which gives you faster access to websites you most frequently visit and also tabs which are playing sounds can be easily identified and muted.

OS X El Capitan Safari


Spotlight Search now can intelligently search in natural language terms using Siri.

OS X El Capitan Spotlight

Mission control center:

Mission control center got a new feature which makes it easier to spot mouse. You can shake your mouse or when you are on Mac laptop you can easily shake your finger back and forth on the trackpad and mouse cursor will become bigger.


In Mail you can use gestures to delete or archive mails also you can work on two mails simultaneously and drag and drop links or images between them.

OS X El Capitan Mail

Notes app:

Notes app has also undergone some refinements now you can make a checklist, take photo notes, draw scribbles on notes, add URLs or even add a map location and iCloud will sync all you notes across all your devices.

OS X El Capitan Notes

Apple Maps:

Apple Maps will now show transit directions for selected 10 cities around the world and gives detailed information about public transports like trains, metros, buses along with route maps, timing and many other information.

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