Google launching ‘YouTube Gaming’ service dedicated for gamers

YouTube Gaming

YouTube is all set to release a desktop site and a mobile application focused for gamers in the coming months, which will be first released in US and UK.

YouTube Gaming is a blend of e-sports, social media and live streaming. The new stage for gamers is set to combine all game content all over YouTube at a single place, where you can now view videos and live streams of your much loved video games, players and publishers at a single place. Not only that you can also share all these stuff of social media platforms.

YouTube Gaming

“From Asteroids to Zelda, more than 25,000 games will each have their own page, a single place for all the best videos and live streams about that title. You’ll also find channels from a wide array of game publishers and YouTube creators,” told Alan Joyce the Product Manager at YouTube. He further stated in a blog post,

“When you want something specific, you can search with confidence, knowing that typing ‘call’ will show you ‘Call of Duty’ and not ‘Call Me Maybe”

Also you can keep a check on games you love by marking them as favorites and YouTube will also suggest you other videos of same game or other similar type of games which you may be interested in, this will be based on your search history and favorites marked. The YouTube Gaming homepage will be highlighted with gaming livestreams. The gaming app will come with streaming at a high frame rate i.e. 60 frames per second. The app is also set to provide programmed transformation of live streams into YouTube videos.

YouTube Gaming is Google’s reply to Amazon’s multi-platform gaming company named, Twitch, which has more than 55 million views a month.

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