Samsung Galaxy S6 Plus Leaked, Making competitor for iPhone 6S Plus

Samsung Galaxy S6 Plus Leak

Samsung is the world’s number 1 Smartphone company with record sales & worldwide user and critically acclaimed smartphones. However, they have been often accused of releasing similar flagship smartphones in design and UI, which has also led to their downfall in profits around 60% and revenue downfall around than 20 percent.

Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 were huge hits competing with iPhones and ending up more successful than them. However Galaxy S5 was a huge disappointment and it did not go well with the market because of which Samsung incurred high amounts of losses. Samsung released S6 and S6 Edge last September, which were said to redefine the generation of smartphones. These smartphones were critically acclaimed but faired average in the financial market.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Plus Leak

Now talking about Samsung Galaxy S6 Plus, the next iteration in the Flagship S series. The smartphone leaks informant @onleaks on his twitter account revealed first look of Samsung GALAXY S6 Plus. It is said to be bigger in size as compared to Galaxy S6, coming with a 5.5 inch display for both S6 Plus and S6 Edge Plus. Galaxy S6 featured a 5.1 inch screen. As per the source the dimensions will be 154.45 x 75.80 x 6.85 mm.

The S6 Plus Edge version will come with winding edges similar to S6 Edge. The new iteration of the Smartphone will come with a USB Type-C port, which is a notable addition. Samsung will equip S6 Plus with a Snapdragon 808 processor, Qualcomm’s return in Samsung devices which was removed from earlier flagship phones (S6 and S6 Edge). S6 and S6 Edge were powered by Exynos 7420 CPU. As per reports, S6 Plus is said to a probably slower than the previous iterations. As Snapdragon 808 when tested with Exynos was lagging behind in terms of speed as compared to Exynos.

As per the reports the new Samsung Galaxy (S6/ S6 Edge) Plus will just be a bigger edition of the previous S6 and S6 Edge, with not much notable additions and most probably a slower processor.

Why would users want to buy S6 Plus? No valid reason seems to appear in our minds either. However, time will tell! Don’t know why they are up to making new flagships with a new name but no new notable features!

Samsung should focus on Galaxy Note 5 and make the best phablet they have developed if they want to retain their top spot in the Smartphone market, else the future seems to be tough for Samsung with Chinese Smartphone makers making high end phones at affordable prices, likely to overpower Samsung and once the sales fall down, it will be real difficult for the South Korean company to get back their position and make customers trust them once again.

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