New Windows 10 Hero Image Wallpaper, Watch Making Video

As we know Windows 10 is all set to be released on July 29. Windows development is almost finished and now Microsoft is focusing on eliminating bugs and polishing overall OS as we have informed about the new Build 10154 which fixes major issues and improves performance.  Microsoft has recently released a video of making Windows 10’s new Hero image wallpaper via its Windows channel on YouTube. This new image will come as default desktop wallpaper in Windows 10.

Current build of Windows 10 comes with background images of snow covered mountain tops, sea side roads, shining and green mountains, sand dunes and more. The new Hero’s image is made by Bradley G Munkowitz (GMUNK) a graphics designer who is very popular for his work in movies like Tron and Oblivion and has decades of experience in Graphics Designing.  The new wallpaper contains a light shining form the Windows logo and gives some smoky feel with bright dark blue.

Also as we have reported you about the leak of new Build 10154 which includes some new wallpaper images which are ahead of RTM. The new wallpapers of build 10154 are leaked on internet which are really breathtaking you can checkout three of them below.


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