Apple iPhone 6c to launch with Metal Body

Apple iPhone 6C

Every year we wait for September, the month Apple comes up with their new iteration of iPhones. This year there has been a lot of rumors and reports regarding their new smartphones. Nothing has been confirmed yet about what the new iPhone would be called, iPhone 6S or iPhone 7. Also there are confusions whether Apple will release the next iteration of the vibrant and colorful iPhone 5C or iPhone 7, we will have to wait to find out. However here we have a recent report about Apple iPhone 6C.

iPhone 6C Metal Case

iPhone 5C which was released along with iPhone 5S, stood out from other iPhones because of its compact size and vibrant & colorful design, it was affordable by the public too. It sported a strong plastic body which looked attractive indeed! It was available in many colors. The device was not bad, but was nowhere near the iPhone 5 or 5S design, when compared, and it was highly criticized. This time Apple is said to be playing it safe, iPhone 6C will not sport a plastic body as Apple has given up on the plastic body idea.

Learning from the criticism is a good thing, however Apple has not given up on the idea of offering a cost efficient affordable iPhone model, with lesser features which won’t matter much.

Apple iPhone 6C

Apple will release a budget Smartphone (most probably iPhone 6C) this September along with iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, which will be easy on the pocket of customers. Now it will not release in a plastic body design, rather it will sport the traditional metal unibody finish.

Where did these rumors come from? Respectable Research and Market Analysis firm ‘Jefferies’ Analyst Ange Wu has stated that iPhone 6C will be assembled by Hon Hai Technologies in Taiwan and more than 50% metal casing orders of iPhone 6C have been given to Foxconn Technology in Taiwan.

Foxconn has upgraded their stock to ‘BUY’, further strengthening the report they claim. Also stocks of Foxconn tech have been constantly improvising.

iPhone 6C Photo

Chinese Smartphone makers like Xiaomi, Meizu, etc. have released a number of plastic body high-end devices and to distinguish it, iPhone 6C is implementing a unibody metal design. There are reports that iPhone 6C will not be released in September but will be released next year after the release of iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. Nothing has been confirmed by Apple yet. But it will be interesting to see how Apple will distinguish between iPhone 6S models and iPhone 6C models, on design, quality, build, camera and more.

Tell us what you are expecting from Apple and which iPhone model are you most excited for!

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