Sony Xperia Z5 to Launch With 4GB Ram And 128 GB Memory In September

Sony has launched a new smartphone, Z4, in its Xperia Z lineup this year and there are rumors on the web that one more smartphone is expected to come in Z series by the end of this year. Xperia Z5 is said to be a major upgrade of Xperia Z3 unlike Z4 and Z3+ which are minor updated versions of Z3. So today, we are going to tell you everything we know about Z5. Lets get started.

Xperia Z5 Rumors

Release and variants

Z5 is expected to be announced in Japan by September 2015. Sony has planned to release it worldwide, instead of releasing it only in Japan. We can say that in September 2015 we will be able to see Z5 in the market. Lets come to variants, Sony is launching Z5 with two other variants named as Z5 Compact and Z5 Ultra. The major difference between these three device will be their screen size and also the price.


According to resources, Z5 is expected to release with advanced Snapdragon 820, 64 bit processor, which will be coupled with 4GB of RAM. It is expected to come with 128 GB of internal memory and currently there is no information about its expandable storage support. It will come out of the box with 5.5 inch wide display, which will offer 4K resolution.

There is no confirmation about its camera specifications, but claims are that it will come out with 30 Megapixel rear camera whereas some say it will come with 21 Megapixel rear camera. It is confirmed that it will come with G+ sensor. Z5 will have less battery capacity alike Z4/Z3+ but it will manage to offer a good battery life. While its variant Z5 Ultra will have 4500 mAH battery. Also there will be difference between resolution and screen size of Z5, Z5 Ultra and Z5 Compact. Z5 Ultra is expected to offer high resolution up to 1440 pixels.

For precise details of Xperia Z5 we have to wait for some more time. Meanwhile, stay tuned with us, we will keep you updated.

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