How to Disable Unwanted Apps in iOS 9 Without Jailbreaking

iOS 9 Beta

iOS 9 beta version is out for latest Apple devices. There are many pre-installed apps in the device that might slow down the phone performance. And to remove them the only way is to Jailbreak. But many of us does not prefer going with this unofficial method that void the phone warranty. Compare to Android, it is not very easy to restore the original factory operating system in Android. And the process of Jailbreaking is also not easy.

iOS 9 Beta

So here I am going to give you some simple tips through which you can block pre-installed apps that you don’t want to use. But it is not like removing them. It is just restricting those apps from working. In future if you want to re-use the same you can turn them on back again. Even factory restore will fix the issue.

For example Apps that are designed for Apple Watch and you do not have the device. Then what is the use of keeping those featured turned on. It will also put impact on your phone battery. iOS 9 has internal way of simply turning those things off. So let’s begin with the process of turning off internal apps that you don t want to use.

Stopping Apps Through Pass Code:

  1. Top on Settings and then Tap on General.
  2. Now go in the Restriction section. In that you can find the list of apps. For example tap on Safari and add a password. You can restrict the app here. It won’t work unless you give the pass code.
  3. Those who are not having iOS 9 cannot restrict the News app.

Turn off Unwanted iOS 9 features:

Buy turning off your device unwanted features you can make your phone work better. There are so many things that are enabled. This is very much similar to Services in Windows. You can turn them off and the phone can work a bit better and this also extend the battery life.

  • Go in Settings > General > Restrictions.
  • From here disable Air Drop if you are not using it.
  • Turn off Siri & Dictation if you don’t want the voice command service.
  • Disable Car Play
  • Disable Apple Music Connect if you are not using Apple Music
  • Disable iBook Store
  • Disable Podcast

In this way you can speed up your phone more and get a better output. But you will also have to take care in future if you are using any service that wants the above things to turn on, you have to enable them. For example if you had signed up for Apple Music service then you have to enable that from the General > Restriction section. So that it can work well.

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