Offline Google Maps Navigation And Search Now Available

Offline Google Maps

Google told us earlier we are soon going to get Offline Maps navigation and now it is Official. Finally, Google today rolled out the Offline Navigation and Search in Google Maps. We can now Download any Map on our smartphone or tablet easily. When we are on the go and signal/data lost. No problem, still get the turn by turn navigation and directions using the downloaded map. No matter if it is a country road or an underground parking garage, you wont find any difference between Offline and Online Maps.

Offline Maps

From the downloaded Maps, we can also get other informations like Contact numbers, Rating of a Hotel, hours of operations, etc The above image shows you how to download a particular area map. Simply search for a place, go to the resulting page and hit Download button. Rename it as per your preference. Interestingly, the Map will go Offline automatically when you get out of data connectivity and gets online when your phone gets the data.

Despite that, there are some additional tools that can make the usage of Google Maps more effective. If that seems like an interesting option, you can check out the suggestions that Chad Kimball has. His maps can help people find different places, research the competitors (if you are using Google maps for business purposes), etc.

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