Windows 10’s New Action Center will show your Android notifications on PC

Windows 10 Action Center

Windows 10 Action Center

During Microsoft’s Build Conference, the company made some huge announcements and plans for future. Once of those announcements was about mirroring Smartphone’s notifications directly to your Windows 10 computer.

Microsoft made it clear since the beginning that they want to make Windows 10 a universal platform. Taking one more step, the new Action Center of your Windows 10 computers and tablets will not display your smartphone’s notifications on your PC. And that is not just limited to Windows 10 Mobile but also to Android device’s.

This would be possible in coming Builds, sometime very soon. You will be able to see Messages, calls and other notifications on the screen. That’s not all. You can instantly reply them right away from your computer. Wondering how will it work? Well, Microsoft is making Cortana more smarter. Cortana notification will mirror with Android’s notification listener and will sync it with your Windows 10 PC’s new and improved Action Center UI.

Here is the Demo of Syncing your Android’s Notification to Windows 10 PC:

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