‘Namotel Acche Din’ Smartphone for Rs, 99 – Another Scam?

Namotel Acche Din Phone

We have now have yet another ‘so called’ cheapest smartphone trend running on web. After Freedom 251 and Docoss X1, it is now something called ‘Namotel Acche Din’, a smartphone priced at just Rs. 99. Before talking about the phone, let’s find out something about the company behind it.

Namotel is a startup company promoted by a man named Madhava Reddy, who himself is an ex Axis bank officer. he was working for Home Loan department as Relationship Manager. I don’t understand how a banking official can be so tech geek to make an Android smartphone at such low price. Anyways. Coming to the website where we need to to book the phone, namotel.com was registered on 1st March and updated recently on May 1st. Though, i never managed to open the website for booking because it says “The website curently unavailabe while we make upgrades improve our service to you. we will return soon with more passion and energy to serve you better.” For your information, i haven’t made that spell error (curently unavailabe), it is what mentioned on the website.

Namotel Acche Din Phone

Coming to the phone, Namotel Ache Din is of course an entry level smartphone featuring a 4-inch touch Display and is powered with 1 GB of RAM paired up by 1.3GHz quad core processor. It comes with 4 GB internal storage memory and supports Wi-Fi or 3G connectivity. As per camera, Namotel Acche Din has a 2 Megapixel camera at rear facing, while at the front we have a 0.3 Megapixel VGA camera. The phone comes out of the box running Android 5.1 Lollipop operating system. It is backed up with 1325 mAh battery.

As aid, the phone costs just Rs. 99 making it the cheapest one in the country, but the catch is Rs. 199 as delivery charges. That makes it Rs. 298 smartphone. If they restart the booking, you can book a phone for you from their official website between May 17 to 25th, 2016. (See here How to Buy Namotel Acche Din)

Namotel Acche Din Launch

That website earlier listed the phone for Rs. 2,999 but later slashed the price to just Rs. 99. Really? So much of discount? Namotel Acche Din can also be took as ‘Cash on Delivery’, and the company is also offering one year warranty. All these factors confuses us to decide where Namotel is genuine, or yet another scam trend.

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