Now Send Money on WhatsApp using Freecharge

Freecharge WhatsApp Money

Freecharge has introduced so many ways to send or receive money to and from your family and friends in past couple of months, that makes their hash tag #LoDoKhatamKaro. Today they have launched yet another way of transferring money (Chat and Pay), and this is the most easiest way. It is called ‘WhatsApp Money with Freecharge.’

That’s correct. You can now send money instantly while chatting on your WhatsApp messenger. However, the main transaction is done via Freecharge App only, which also means both the users must have Freecharge app/account. WhastApp is only the medium of sending or receiving.

Freecharge WhatsApp Money

The process for Freecharge via WhastApp is pretty simple. Requires just few simple steps as mentioned below:

  • Go to “Freecharge on WhatsApp*” in your Android phone from the Freecharge Menu
  • Click “Enable” to enable Freecharge in accessibility settings
  • Open WhatsApp*
  • Type amount followed by FC. Ex: 100FC
  • Choose your options – send/request money or recharge!
  • Abd. you’re done.

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