macOS Sierra: Apple’s new Desktop OS with Siri, Universal Clipboard, and lots more

macOS Sierra Continuity

At the ongoing WWDC 2016, Apple revealed the new name ‘macOS‘ for its desktop ‘OS X’ after long 15 years. With this new name, they also unveiled the new operating system named ‘macOS Sierra’. This is the most advanced and featured packed operating system so far from Apple that comes with a whole new set of features, better iOS Convergence and lots more. You can check the complete list of macOS Sierra features here.

MacOS Sierra

macOS Sierra is the first desktop OS that makes the debut of Siri too. Yes, you read correct. Siri is now macOS too. Which also means, the comfortable multitasking you were doing on iPhones and iPads can now also be done on Apple desktops. Unlike Finder and Spotlight searches you were doing so far on Mac computers, Siri will help you with file searches including specific date, format and specific people, it can switch you between apps, it can book a table for your in restaurant while you are busy with other works, and do much more. Even solve a math query. There’s much more you can do with Siri on macOS Sierra

Sierra brings all new way experience of how you use multiple Apple devices. It brings the intuitive continuity between all your macOS or iPhone or iPad, under the name called ‘Universal Clipboard’. Just for an example, if you copy a line or paragraph on your iPhone, right click on desktop and paste it. In other words, your clipboard now works across all your Apple devices.

macOS Sierra Universal Clipboard

With macOS Sierra, Apple has also made iCloud more smarter. It not only automatically makes space for new files on your computer, but also lets you use the screenshot on your computer which you actually took on your iPhone. In simple words, the picture you saved on your iphone can now be emailed from your computer, instantly. This is again to make the Continuity more effective across all Apple products.

Furthermore, though Apple has brought the best security in macOS Sierra, it has become more comfortable, only for you. While working on your macOS you left it locked for a minute and when came back, no more typing the login credentials. If you are wearing the Apple Watch, it can communicate and authenticate your credentials to unlock the computer. Similarly, if you are making any payment with Apple Pay on your macOS Sierra, simply touch the Touch ID on your iPhone and it will authenticate the payment on your computer using the Secure wireless communication between iPhone and macOS.

macOS Sierra Continuity

All these macOS Sierra features are really insane. What else we can expect from a personal computer. That’s not all, there’s lots more it has to offer. Users will get this first ever ‘macOS’ as free upgrade later this fall, while the Developer Preview of Sierra will be roleld out in July 2016.

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