Moto Z Moto Mods accessories prices seems too expensive

Moto Mods Price

At the Tech World 2016. Lenovo launched two new Moto smartphones Moto Z and Moto Z Force. These were the company’s first smartphones to support set of Modular accessories called ‘Moto Mods’. Lenovo didn’t revealed the prices of these accessories then and there but said those will be sold separately. Now, a reddit user has spotted those Moto Mods listed on Verizon with their prices, which seems not just expensive but very expensive.

Moto Mods Price

Earlier we reported that Moto Z and Z Force can be converted into a Movie projector, a Boombox or even in a battery powerhouse using the ‘Moto Mods’ that includes Moto Insta-Share Projector, JBL SoundBoost speaker , ncipio offGRID Power Packs and a Kate Spade shell that gives the phone new look.

These Moto Mods sounds really good, but when it come to their prices, you will need to buy the Kate Spade shellfor $79, while the Power packs will cost you $99.99. Furthermore, the Insta-Share Projector costs $299 and the last one, JBL SoundBoost will be available for $79.99. So, if you are dreaming to carry a projector with your Moto Z or Z Force, you will have to spend almost $300 extra. That is approximately Rs. 20,000/-

Comparatively LG Friends (modular accessories)  which were launched with LG G5 were not that costlier as Moto Mods. Let’s see how popular they can be.

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