Install Three Numbers on WhatsApp using WhatsFapp

Multiple WhatsApp WhatsFapp

WhatsApp messenger is currently world’s best and most downloaded messaging application for Android, IOS and Windows Phone which allows you to chat with your friends, family, in groups and also lets you make Free Voice Calls to your WhatsApp contacts completely free of cost using your internet.

Now, are you using a dual-SIM Smartphone and want to use WhatsApp with both the numbers on the same phone? Or do you own 2 numbers and want to activate WhatsApp on both numbers on a single device? You are at the right place, here we provide you a tutorial on how to use multiple numbers on WhatsApp.

Check How to use Multiple WhatsApp using OGWhatsApp

Let me tell you that this tutorial is only for Android smartphones, also these methods are completely safe and you won’t harm your phone or lose any of your data by following the given steps.

You will have to download 3rd party WhatsFapp on your Android Smartphone to use along with the original default WhatsApp with green color logo.

Let’s start:


Open WhatsApp which you are currently using on your Android phone. Now we have to take a backup of your chats, to ensure you don’t lose any of your data.

1. Open the WhatsApp menu in WhatsApp
2. Tap on ‘Settings’
3. Open ‘Chat Settings’
4. Click on ‘Back up Chats’

All your chats have been backed up now.


Now we you will have to clear the current data of WhatsApp. For that go to your phone’s settings

1. Open Application Settings and then Application Manager(manage apps) in App Settings
2. Click on WhatsApp in App Manager
(App info tab will be opened and will see how much storage WhatsApp is occupying)
3. Tap on the Clear data option( this will clear entire WhatsApp user data and chats)

STEP 3: Download WhatsFapp

Now you will have to download the third party app (WhatsFapp) from our downloads center ->. Fapp application is the carbon copy of WhatsApp and has same features like the default WhatsApp you are using and it provides the same user experience.

After downloading the application, install it.

There is a possibility that your phone doesn’t allow you to install apps from unknown sources (i.e. internet) to enable app installations from unknown sources:

1. Go to Settings
2. Open Security
3. Tick mark the Unknown Sources option (to enable installations from outside sources)

Now install FAPP and your installation won’t be stopped. After you have successfully installed WHATSFAPP,

2. Verify your number (The number from which you had backed up chats, if you enter any other number except the number from which you backed up chats then the app won’t verify it!)
3. After the verification, the app will ask you to restore data
4. Select Restore Data and all your message will be restored.

Now open the original default WhatsApp messenger on the phone:

1. Enter your second number which you want to use
2. Complete the verification process

Now you have two WhatsApp messengers installed on your Smartphone, with two different numbers.


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