Upgrade Windows 10 Home To Windows 10 Pro at just $1

Upgrade Windows 10 Pro at $1

Here’s great news for Windows users, specially for those who are waiting eagerly for Windows 10 ! As we earlier informed you that Windows will be free for Windows Insiders, here’s another great shot from Microsoft.

As per latest rumors and reports, Microsoft will allow Windows 10 Home users to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro, at a meager price of only 1$. According to the previous price revelation by Microsoft, Windows 10 Home is priced at $119.99 and Windows 10 Pro $199.99, thus an $80 difference between the two.

Upgrade Windows 10 Pro at  $1

Now let me tell you from where I found this unimaginable news. Microsoft’s latest Insider preview build 10154 of Windows 10 is ready, but is not available for the end user. However, screenshots of the latest Windows 10 preview v.10154 clearly indicate that users Windows 10 Home users can upgrade to Windows 10 Pro directly from the store, the highlight being you can upgrade to Windows 10 Pro just at a price of just 1$.  There is a feature comparison for users as well between the two, telling them why they should upgrade to Windows 10 Pro.

However, this has not been officially confirmed by the company yet. It could be a placeholder, a special offer for a limited time by Microsoft.

So we don’t know whether the new and the screenshot is real or fake!! So don’t be so glad yet and wait for Microsoft to speak about it! However, it can be a publicity gimmick as well. So wait till the news is official. Also if this offer is real, make sure you grab it ASAP!!!

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