How to download APK files which are not available in your Country from Google Play Store

Play Store not available in Your country

It happens sometime that you are unable to get a few apps which are not provided in your region or country and you still want to download that. The next thing you will do is found the apk of the same on web. This apk files that are freely destructed are not completely secure compare to what you get on Google Play.

So today I am going to give you a few simple way through this which you can download Out-Of-Country apps. That means those one that are not provided in your region. Google Play automatically finds your location on the basis of your Gmail id in which you select your country at the time of registration. It also has a impressive location based authentication mode that still does not allow you to download app if you are using any other Gmail id. For that we have to change our location first. That means you have to pretend that you are from any other country where that app download is allowed. That can be done through modifying your mobile phones IP address.

It is very smart way of doing this and simple to go for. There are very basic things you have to do. So let’s move ahead with the process.

Method 1:

The first method is to sign-up a vpn service and configure that in your mobile or tablet. It will help you to download the application with ease using your existing Gmail id. I recommend using UnoVPN here. You can go on Google Play and download it. It is usually a paid service.

  • Download the UnoVPN app from Google Play. Install that in your phone.
  • Now tap on the settings panel in the android device.
  • Go in the Apps section. There look for Google Play Store. You can find this under All section.
  • Tap on Force Stop first. Once done you have to tap on Clear Data and Clear Cache to wipe out all the saved settings.
  • Launch UnoVPN and simply and login with your account. Change your location.
  • Now launch Google Play Store again and there choose your location.
  • That’s it. Tap on the app that you are willing to download.
  • This usually does not work on the mobile internet. You have to use wifi based location here. So it is good to disable mobile data that you can do from Settings > More > Mobile Networks > Mobile Data.

Method 2:

The same thing can be done from your pc also. You can just configure UnoVPN on your pc and click on install app that will be delivered to your phone regardless of your location.

  • Sign in to your UnoVPN account. You can start with using a 8 day trail on the same. Configure your DNS with the same accordingly.
  • Choose US or UK servers depending on the type of app you are looking for.
  • Now Go in Google play. Use your Gmail account to sign in.
  • Select the app and click on install. From the next window choose the mobile phone and done.

This one is another simple way if you are not willing to use a vpn service. You can install a tiny add-on called as APK Downloader Extension in your android phone. This extension works with the browser. When you search for a app on Google Play, APK Downloader Extension will allow you to download that directly. It only works with free apps. You cannot download any paid apps with the same. So just try to test out the same first.

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