Pushbullet Portal APK: Transfer files between Phone and PC easily

Pushbullet Portal APK

The makers of Pushbullet have come up with a new application named ‘Pushbullet Portal’ to share their files easily and quickly from their PC to the phone. Portal allows you to move pictures, videos, music files and documents easily without any trouble or effort. Just Drag and Drop your files on the PC and Portal will do the rest.

The new app has similar functions to Pushbullet, but it is a lot faster, also you can share large size files easily in a short time from your PC to your phone. Files are transferred via Wi-Fi connection thus the app provides a faster approach.

You can share a single file or an entire folder using Portal. You can easily surf and share all files you have moved on your Smartphone. The files that you move are automatically sorted for e.g. song files in music folder, images in gallery and office docs in documents folder.

To use Portal all you have to do is open the application on your smartphone, open the portal.pushbullet.com website on your PC. That’s all, now you can drag and drop files easily.

Pushbullet Portal APKDownload APK | Download from PlayStore

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