Top 6 Voice Changer Apps for Mobile: Funniest Way to Send Audios 2024

Voice Changing Apps

We know how life can be stressed sometimes; the reason for it can be anything. In those hard times all we need is stress buster to make us laugh and happy for a moment or while.

In this particular article, we are going to discuss some applications which has been in the news lately because of its voice changing feature. The application is just for fun and entertainment. There are lots of applications available in the market that changes your audio files into funny voices. The purpose here is to make life little entertaining and distract yourself with the hectic schedule. It has been discovered that funny stuff helps brain cell to reactivate.

Here are 6 Best Voice Changing Apps for your Mobile:

1. Voice Changer Voice Recorder:

Voice Changer Voice Recorder

The very first application in a list we are going to discuss is Studio Voice Changer. This is not like the other regular voice application, it is a bit different. Different because it offers other features too like it allows music studio experience. So if you’re wondering what exactly it does, basically it provides you a whole studio experience. It lets you modify the pitch, reverb, speed up, slow down and many more. You can record the song of your choice in it.

2. AndroidRock Voice Changer:

AndroidRock Voice Changer

This is the second best application on our list. The thing which makes this app different from others is it’s friendly interface. The only thing which makes the application difficult is the presence of lots of ads. It demands to upgrade if you want to permanently get rid of the ads.

3. Voice Changer with Effects:

Voice Changer with Effects

This app is famous among all, it has the most number of downloads. The reason for its popularity is its service. It offers more than 50 voices and many other features too. It allows you to play your previous recording.

4. VoiceFx:


This application is filled with basic and regular features like most of the application but it also allows live streaming. The live stream will work with the help of URL and within no time your feed is within reach of a lot of users.

5. Narrator’s Voice:

Narrator's Voice

Narrator’s voice allows a feature to translate the recording of yours in any voice format available in the application itself. It allows you to share the file and you can perform edits on the original voice.

6. Squeak Voice Changer:

Squeak Voice Changer

The most interesting feature of this app is to transfer the voice into the character you like the most. The output generated in this is so clear. However to get full access to this application you need to pay a certain amount. The pro version is ad-free and offers much more to their users.

You must give them a try if you’re stressed and want to relieve some pressure by trying something funny on your Android device. Then help yourself out with these applications, we are sure you will find useful some of them. Most of the applications are free and will only take little space in your device.

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