Top 10 Health and Fitness Apps for Android in 2024


Do you want to shed those extra KGs off your body but don’t have a proper training? Worried about your calorie intake? Well, we will provide you solutions to all this fitness related queries in a while, stay with us and keep reading!

With the introduction of technology, everything has now technology based and requires less human effort. This has led today’s generation to live a sedentary lifestyle which is the reason behind falling prey to various diseases.

However, more people are becoming health conscious now-a-days, which is indeed a very good thing. Everybody wants to get a perfect body and achieve their fitness goals but also, we can’t neglect the fact that leading to busy life, achieving those fitness goals is a tough task.

But thanks to advance technology! With everything becoming so advanced, our mobile phones can be our fitness trainers. It is the health applications that you can install on your phone and can track your health and fitness, and you can find more about that on

We have tested and compiled 10 best of the health and fitness apps for your mobiles phones in this article. Let’s take a look:

1. MyFitnessPal


MyFitnessPal is the best app for tracking your fitness. From tracking calories to helping you to set your fitness goals, this app does everything for you. It provides over 6 million healthy recipes which are great for weight and fat loss. It helps you to maintain a balanced diet and keep track on essential nutrients based on your set goals. MyFitnessPal is a paid app and you can download it from PlayStore.



JEFIT has more than 1300 exercise with tutorials about how to do them. It Works as a personal trainer and helps you make fitness plans and achieve your goals by following them. JEFIT is available for FREE, which is a very good thing. You can also buy its pro version to access more features. Download JEFIT.

3. Home Workout

Home Workout

Home Workout is a android app that has many easy and effective workouts that you can do at your home without any equipment. You can also connect with interact with other people and share each other’s fitness experiences with this app. It has simple animated workout videos that you can follow easily and get desired results. Download Home Workout

4. Google Fit

Google Fit

Google Fit is an amazing fitness app. This app can be connected with any android accessories like a smartwatch or fit-bit. It has all the features like setting your goals, tracking your progress and checking your health status. Best thing about this app is, it is absolutely FREE. Download Google Fit

5. Headspace


Many people are not comfortable in talking about their mental problems to others and hesitate for medical treatment. Headspace is an android app that helps to check the state of mind.

You can track your mental health using this app. It provides many meditative exercises to calm your mind. However, the pro version of this app is a bit costly, but it has several features and is worth the price. Download Headspace

6. FitNotes


Whether you are a gym-gore or perform home workouts, FitNotes will help you to maintain your fitness records. You can track if you are on a right path in achieving your fitness goals or not. FitNotes also provides you a number of exercises which you can choose from. This app is available for FREE!! Download FitNotes

7. Endomondo


Endomondo is a familiar app to most of the fitness lovers already. This app allows you to track your performance and interact with other people to share your health experiences. Endomondo is available for free but in order to access its features like – tracking heart rate, scheduling  training plans, you  will need to pay. Download Endomondo

8. Progression Workout Tracker

Progression Workout Tracker

Progression Workout Tracker is an app that helps you in tracking your workouts. It also allows you to make your own workouts. This app has large exercise database which you can use to make your training plans. You can make your exercise records and break them yourself in order to get better each day. Download Progression Workout Tracker

9. Strava

Strava Training

It is a fitness app that encourages you to stay fit by allowing you to compete against several people doing workouts. You can also set your targets and have a healthy competition with your fitness pals. This is a FREE app and to access more features you must have its pro version. Download Strava

10. Runtastic : Running and Fitness Tracker


This app is for all the cardio lovers out there. It has wonderful features for cardio exercises. This app has a GPS tracker which helps to keep track of the routes while jogging and running. It also integrates with fitness accessories like smartwatch. You can track your progress with the fitness graphs provided by the app.

Moreover, you can also pair your music applications with this app if you love to enjoy music while working out. While the paid version of this app has several additional features, you can also download Runtastic it for FREE.

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