How To Root Galaxy Note 3 Neo and Install TWRP Recovery

Galaxy Note 3 Neo TWRP Recovery

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo comes with a nice 5.5 inches and offer you a HD resolution of 1280 × 720 píxeles. The front screen offer you Super AMOLED panel that offer great display output. It is also having a really impressive hardware. The device is powered by a high end quad-core processor which is running at 1.6 GHz. And further supported by 2GB ram. It comes with two storage options. That is 16GB and 64GB. It comes with the most common connectivity options.

In this guide today I will show you the process through which you can root your phone and you can also install TWRP Custom Recovery on the same. The process is tested and works well on Samsung Galaxy Note Neo SM-N7505. The process begin with adding the custom rom and then we will root the phone. There are ample of benefits of rooting. Through that you get access to the rom by which you can overwrite the firmware and make changes in the device output.

Rooting also allow you to enhance your phone by boosting the battery output. But remember that this is a unofficial method due to which you will lose your phone warranty. So move ahead on your own risk.


  • It is recommended that you backup your entire phone data before moving ahead. Without proper backup you will lose all the content of the device.
  • Rooting will give you maximum control over your device. You can install various custom rom and also you can install different apps on the same.
  • I am repeating once again. After rooting you won’t have any warranty left on the phone. And you will also not get any future OTA updates.
  • You will need a windows based pc for this process.
  • Ensure that you have latest Note 3 Neo usb drivers installed on your system. Without that the process will fail.
  • Go in Settings and tap on developer options. From there just enable usb debugging.
  • Download Odin3 v3.09. This is a popular flash tool for Samsung which we will be using.
  • Download CF-Auto-Root file.
  • Download TWRP Recovery Image.

Flashing TWRP Recovery on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo:

  • We will start by flashing the twrp recovery on the same. For that we are going to use odin.
  • Extract the content of odin in a Folder and keep it on your desktop.
  • We have to start the phone in download mode. For that first turn it off.
  • The hold the volume down + home + power to start the phone. The device will boot in recovery mode.
  • Now connect the device to your pc through usb cable and start odin.exe.
  • If your system has the latest updated Samsung usb drivers then the ID:Com section of odin will turn to yellow. If not then the tool has not yet detected the software.
  • Once done extract the content of TWRP recovery in the same folder.
  • Go in Odin and click on pda. Those the file with img.tar extension. It is the TWRP image.
  • Add a tick on Auto Reboot and F.Reset and done. Now click on Start button and wait back until you get the Pass message.
  • After a proper installation the device will restart.

Rooting Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo:

  • After adding the TWRP recovery the next process is rooting so that you can do a lot more with the firmware.
  • The process is quiet similar to the above one. We are going to use the same Odin here.
  • Now here you have to extract the content of CF-Autoroot in the same folder where you keep the other files.
  • Again boot the phone in download mode by holding the volume down with home and power button. Switch off your phone first and while turning on hold the above combination.
  • Once the device boot in download mode you have to connect the back to pc through usb cable and launch odin.exe
  • See the id:com section and see that it turns yellow.
  • Now click on pda button and choose the CF Auto Root image file. It will be something CF-Auto-Root-hllte-hlltexx-smn7505. Click on that file.
  • Then add a tick on Auto Reboot & F.Reset. That’s it.
  • Click on start and sit back. The phone will restart and you are done with rooting and flashing.


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