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Enemy Front

Enemy Front is the latest Action packed First-Person  Shooter game developed and released by CI Games. The game is based on World War II offering us the best graphics with CryEngine 3. We as the lead role play the game as Robert Hawkin who is an American war correspondent. The gameplay is quite good and interesting as we go on war with Nazi Regime, at places like France, Germany, Norway and Poland. The best thing i loved about this game is it allows us to play as we want with our own style using stealth, subterfuge, and more to win.

If you are playing Enemy Front on PC, here is something very interesting and helpful. This is a +8 trainer for the game offering you several new stuffs which will help you through out the game. Once the trainer is activate you get Infinite Health and Stamina, No Reload with unlimited ammo and explosive, you get better Accuracy and super speed, and lots more. All these at just a tap of numpad. If in case you dont like it for some reason, you can disable the trainer anytime. So, go ahead and get the +8 trainer for Enemy Front PC from this page in just one click and make your gameplay much interesting.

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