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Microsoft Garage, company’s 24 hour project development lab which starts thousands of projects and innovations, encouraging new ideas has come up with a new application TOSSUP for Android and iOS, developed by a group of Outlook’s team.

TOSSUP is a fast and lightweight event-planner app which lets users plan meetings, hangouts, trips and more stuff with their friends, colleagues and more. With TOSSUP you can select and plan on where to meet, which place, best restaurant, clubs, bars and more.

Microsoft said announcing TOSSUP’s launch

“It’s an ideal tool to make decisions about timing, availability, what to do, nearby venues and spending limits. Information for restaurants is pulled from Bing – opening hours, reviews, addresses, etc. – to help make decisions. To get answers quickly, groups can add a countdown clock, then save the event to their calendars, turning those plans into reality.”

It has been used by Microsoft workers and their families, also students from Washington and Santa Clara University.
Using Tossup, you can vote for plans and quickly decide where you want to head to with your friends. Decide what time you want to meet! Which place and more.

Tossup highlights:

  • Choose yes or no quickly for any plan
  • Decide on what time to meet
  • Search for and select any hotel, club, restaurant
  • Know what your friends have to say, look on to everyone’s opinions and make plans accordingly

Tossup currently works only in USA and Canada and the company is sure to add new features and enhancement in further versions of the app. But you can Download the Tossup APK file from the this page and start making plans on your fingertips right away.

Microsoft Tossup DownloadDownload APK | Download from PlayStore | Download from iTunes

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