LastPass Authenticator Apk Download

LastPass Authenticator Apk

LastPass is one of the widely used password manager on PC, Smartphones, Tablets or on Web around the world. It is because the premium security and convenient features it offers us. Today LastPass launched a new app called ‘LastPass Authenticator’ increases the security even more by adding two-factor authentication.

There are many sites or services that support two factor authentication, with this new LastPass Authenticator app, you can now ask it to send code via SMS, or ask it to generate a 6 digit code or send push notification on the mobile which must be confirmed before login to those particular sites. Although LastPass is secure enough, in case your password is compromised, just dont worry. Nobody can access your account without two-factor authentication code.

To activate the LastPass Authenticator with your LastPass account, simply follow these few simple steps :

  • First of all obviously you need to download and install the LastPass Authenticator app on your smartphone or tablet or Smartwatch.
  • Now login to your LastPass account on web > Go to Vault > open Account Settings
  • Now under Multifactor Options select LastPass Authenticator
  • Now follow the onscreen steps and save your preferences.

You can download LastPass Authenticator for Android, iOS or Windows devices by clicking the respective Download links below. In case you were looking for the APK, get it in just one click from below link.

LastPass Authenticator ApkDownload APK | Download from PlayStore | Download for iOS | Download for Windows

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