Spice Boss Amplifier M-5396 PC Suite and Drivers

Spice launched another handset in the Boss series, the Boss amplifier (M-5396). Amplifier in the name itself gives you a good idea about the phone. Yes, the phone comes with superior quality sound and dual speaker which amplifies the sound several times. The phone has a 6.09cm screen which cannot be called a very big screen but it’s large enough to carry out simple task like messaging, watching photo, videos etc. at ease. The phone has an average camera which is 1.3MP with zoom and night vision to click photos and record videos. It doesn’t offer a very high pixel photos or video. The handset provides support to 3gp and mp4 formats only. A good thing about the phone is its 1500mAh battery that will give you a very good backup and you can stay connected with your dear ones all the time. You can choose out of the two colors available i.e. Black and silver. The phone is low cost handset which is provided with overall nice features. It’s no match with the amazing Smartphone that are available in the market but if you want a handset to listen to loud music and just to call and message then this phone is suitable for you.

Spice Boss Amplifier M-5396
Download Spice Boss Amplifier M-5396 PC Suite
Download Spice Boss Amplifier M-5396 Drivers

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