How to change your Android Phone UI without installing Custom ROM

One of the biggest benefits of using a custom rom is that you get a entirely new UI. It is tweaked and add more benefit. But there is a way through which you can modify your status bar or internal UI instantly and there no need to flash or root your phone. The process is simple and done by application. Before this I had tested many customizer and theming application. That does not help. They just slow down the entire phone.

On the other hand when you root your device you lose the phone warranty. You can find ample of custom rom on web. You can download that and install it in your device. Through custom recovery you can flash the device back again as per your need. Now here we are going to use a nice app from that can help use to change many thing in the device. It also add more new features. The good part is that we are going to do that on the factory rom.

Android UIRequirements:

  • The process required SytemUI APK file.
  • You should have around 40 to 50mb of free space in your mobile storage
  • Try to turn off a few background applications if they are occupying system ram. You can find current ram usage under Settings > App > Swipe to go under Running.
  • The process need rooted phone.


  • Download System UI apk file on your pc and move that in the phone storage.
  • Go to Settings > Security and tap on Unknown Sources.
  • It is good to backup your phone data first. Because if the app is not stable on your device you will have to factory reset your device. And you will lose everything. Better backup everything and then go ahead.
  • Change done by SymtemUI.apk will be complicated to restore. You have to take care that you must backup the rom also if you want your old settings back. That can be done through Titanium Backup but you have to root the phone.
  • Launch File Manager that can help you to access the root folders. Which are hidden and are not readable by regular file manager. You have to go to  /system/app/ location. Here you can find two files SystemUI.apk and SystemUI.odex. We are going to patch this two files.
  • Install luckypatcher. Launch the app and then go in Tools. Then tap on patch and then choose first three option. This will reboot the device.
  • After turning on launch luckypatcher once and tap on rebuild. Then tap on install.
  • Now go to the location where you had saved SystemUI.apk. Tap on it and click yes to restart.
  • You have a new status bar and some new apps in the phone. Check them out.


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