Motorola Photon Q PC Suite and Driver

The Motorola photon Q is anther android device by Motorola which is packed with good features and affordable price. The phone runs on Android 4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) upgradable to android JB. If you are not so comfortable using the touch screen phone then photo Q is the best option available. It has a nice QWERTY keyboard which is designed very efficiently to allow fast and easier typing. So now you don’t have to struggle hard with the buttons but keep chatting and stay connected very easily. Most of the QWERTY keyboard handset disappoints the user with a small screen. But Motorola has used expert designs and have featured a huge 4.3inch display with color boost technology and offers rich details.  The phone has a pre installed SMARTACTIONS app that intelligently saves your battery by changing the settings that are not in use. The phone has a 1.5GHz Dual-Core to support your handset and allow faster multitasking.

The handset is really awesome and has en number of application to keep you thrilled all day long. But it would be quite disappointing if suddenly something goes wrong and you lose all your most needed data. So it’s always good to have a handy backup plan. You can now backup your entire data using the PC suite software. The installation of this software is quite easy and the software is a very useful one, not just for this handset but every handset. Download the PC suite and connect to the internet on PC with the help of your phone as a Modem with PC Suite. Sync all your schedules, bookmarks and contacts with PC. Moreover when a new update is available for the photon Q you can update your phone’s firmware to latest version easily with PC suite.

Motorola photon QDownload Motorola Photon Q PC Suite
Download Motorola Photon Q Driver

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