Avengers Initiative for Android

Avengers Initiative

Avengers initiative is yet another fighter game to test your skill and also a good entertainment package. The game has stunning visuals with HD graphics that adds a real touch to the game. The game needs you to defeat some of the most dangerous villains like Wendio, Kronan, skrulls etc. the name of the game itself gives you a fair idea of what’s your duty. Take initiative and fight the villainsand save the world. The game has really powerful combats to support the players destroy the enemies and also the game offers unique customization to give it a players touch.

Obtainlimited costumes putting in a great fight, unravel incredible super-powered skills and you cannoticefiery augmentations and get the most amazing experience playing this game by upgrading all of Hulk’s combat.The game is playable in a number of high end android smartphones and also the NVIDIA tegra smart phone and tablets. The tegra smartphone has an additional characteristic and textures.

Avengers InitiativeDownload Avengers Initiative for Android

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