Top 12 Expected Features of Android Q – Upcoming Android 10 OS Version

Android Q Wallpaper

Since Android is now the most used mobile operating system throughout the globe, Google keeps improving it and releasing a new version every year. The latest one is Android 9 Pie but the Google team is already in the midst of introducing next version of Android OS. The name of this version is still unknown but as we know Google so far has carried Android versions in Alphabetical order. So it’s obvious the name of next Android v10.0 will be named on letter ‘Q’, hence so far it is known as Android Q. New Android versions are coming up regularly and it is important to know what each one has to offer in comparison to the last one. Let’s see what new features of Android Q are revealed so far.

Let’s look at what the upcoming version, Android Q 10.0 has in store for us:

Support for Foldable Phones

Android Q Foldable Phone Support

With the new technology of foldable smartphones coming up and Samsung introducing the foldable handset series, Galaxy F/X, Google says that this version of android will support the latest foldable series in hope that it will provide better services to the users. Not only that, the new updates in the battery feature will put the device on power saving mode as soon as the screen is turned off. This will allow the users to access their devices for a long period of time without affecting the performance.

Split Screen Multi-Resume Feature

The problem with the present “Split Screen” feature is that the other background apps might turn inactive or enter sleep mode while another app is running. The new “multi-resume’ feature in Android 10.0 is the upgraded version of the “split screen” and Picture-in-Picture mode” which enables all the apps in split screen to remain active. That means you can operate various apps simultaneously. It will help by allowing us to do multi-tasking. This feature will be made compulsory on foldable devices but will also be made available to the ongoing smartphones series.

Old Apps Warning

Unlike other updates, Android 10.0 will notify the users when downloading an app whether, the app will work efficiently on their devices or not depending on the latest features of the smartphone. This will help the users by preventing them from downloading apps that won’t work properly.

UI Rendering

Android Q will use Vulkan API which is a cross-platform 3D graphics API for providing outstanding user experience.

Improved Treble Support

For faster software updates, Android Q will provide the users with the facility to flash generic system images (GSI) on any Android Q device. Google is also working on enhancing the Treble compatibility on this new version.

Early Access for Testing

The Android Q source code will first be tested by the users and Android app developers before launching it in the market. This was announced in the Android Dev Summit 2018 by the Google team. It is to ensure that the developers and users get acquainted with the new update which in turn would make adapting to the newer versions easier.

New Dark Mode

You can use the devices with Android Q in dark mode meaning that the battery consumption will be cut down giving the users more time on their devices.

Android Q Dark Mode

Smart Locks

Another interesting feature of Android 10.0 is that it comes with two smart locks. The first type will be able to increase the unlock time period when the phone is unlocked, and another type will lock the device when the device can no longer be trusted giving upgraded security and privacy.

Improved Permissions

The new Android OS comes with an upgraded permission set. You can decide if you allow the app to access your location, camera and microphone all the time, once or only when the app is active. The users can change this setting for individual apps. Right now, this feature is only available to iOS but with Android Q, it will be introduced to the android users as well.

Comfortable Notification Access

The features keep getting better. You can now, keep the notifications on the screen for as long as you want without them fading away. It will stay on your panel until you take an action on it or dismiss it. Not only that, but you will be able to see which app is using your device information like your location from the notification panel without having to go to the app and check for it.

Better Carrier Control

In addition to all the other features, Android Q will allow the network carriers to decide which SIM will work with which device that is having a list of “allowed” and “excluded” carriers to avoid MVNOs (mobile virtual network operators). This will also allow the carriers to restrict the functions of SIM card in second slot if the first slot has an unapproved card hence, giving the network carriers the power to control how users put their devices to use.

Desktop Mode Accessibility

Finally, it also allows you to connect to your desktop by introducing ‘Desktop mode’, allowing the users to connect their phones to their PCs and access all the features. This poses a challenge to the app developers as they will have to design strategies that work both for PCs and handsets.

Android Desktop Accessibility

This is just the glimpse of the features that the new Android Q has to offer. More information will be available once the preview releases in mid-March. Unquestionable, this new version will add fuel to the already ongoing war of ‘which is the best Android version?’.

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