Top 15 Mods For Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain

Developed by Kojima Productions, Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain is a well known Action-Adventure Stealth game series available for all gaming consoles including PCs. Like other Metal Gear series, The Phantom Pain also has complex plots and unexpected twists and truths that change your view for people and events you think you know. The events in the game are insane, featuring Climate and environment changes. The gameplay is much larger than Ground Zeroes.

We have gathered the most Downloaded MODs for Metal Gear Solid V: The phantom Pain. #Onlyforyou. These are highly recommended Mods from NEXUSMODS website. Install the most recommended mods to enjoy your gameplay of MGS 5: The Phantom Pain. Here they follow:

1. Mod Manager

Snakebite Mod Manager is a single place to play with custom mods in Phantom Pain. Install and avoid the disturbance of adding and deleting mods. The Snakebite Mod Manager keeps everything in one place. You can also modify your Mods and use your own creativity to enjoy your gameplay.


2. Infinite Heaven

The gameplay can be extended through different features and modifiers. This Mod provides you a lot options to customize the game settings. You can customize your enemies and mother base gears. The mod has full subsistence mode for all missions. You can replay side missions and skull attacks in free roams and also, skip heli rides.


3. S Plus Soldier Mod

This mode will enable you to capture soldiers above S-Rank in the campaign. You don’t need FOBs anymore. This mod comes in two varieties. SPP_Gradual and SPP_100.

You need to have enough S Rank soldiers for the appearance of S+ Rank soldiers. And you will need to have enough S+ Rank soldiers for the appearance of S++ soldiers. All the soldiers will become S++ Rank Soldiers eventually.

Spp_100 will make every soldier S++ Rank. This will help you level your base.


4. Multi Quiet Player Mod v2.3

You want to play in the quite mod? This is a perfect Mod for you. This Mod allows you to enable quiet mode with Quiet’s abilities and voice feature. You can wear whatever you want. There is no forced sneaking suit. You can get yourself the Snake or the female recruit. To install this mod, you will need Snake Mod Manager. Read the instructions carefully.


5. The Man Who Sold The World

Legends can come back to life. This is a very simple mod that brings the Big Boss back in your game. YOU can play as big boss. The good news is, you can also customize the Big Boss hair and arm. You can choose between pony tail or the classic mullet. You can play with both arms and also, replace the bionic arm.


6. No More Timers

Are you tired because the time requirement is very high for various activities in the Phantom Pain? Get rid of timers! How? The No More Timers mod removes timers from deployments, developments and the platform creation. It saves you a lot of time from removing time limits that is needed for researching equipments and building base platform. Just remember, you can only install it using Snakebite.


7.Return of the Item Unlocker

This mod lets you unlock every item in the Phantom Pain. The only downfall of this mod is that, it does not work on the DLC. This mod will allow you to re-search all the things and key items like the raiden suit. Enjoy your experience of Phantom Pain gameplay with your newly unlocked items


8. Infinite Ammo and Suppressors V1.12

You need countless ammo, and support weapons? Install this Mod and save your time. Read the description before installing, some weapons like D walker ammo, fulton and “items” are not infinite.


9. The Ultimate Phantom Pain Mod

The ultimate phantom Pain Mod will allow you to fully customize your gameplay experience. This can happen because it provides you with the settings like: New Game Plus, skipping helicopter rides, tough enemies, custom weapons, and more.


10. Morbid’s Side-Op Expansion Pack

If you are looking for more side missions, then this mod is specially formed for you. Morbid’s Side-Op adds 50 new side missions that will only work with Infinite Heaven. You have to install Infinite heaven. In this Mod, you will get hours of new content in which each mission takes only 10 minutes to complete. You will get new challenges, variations, optional targets, rare skills and everything you won’t get anywhere else. It is the best mod if you want unique missions.


11. Metal Gear V Unlocked

This mod gives you every version in just one place. You can start afresh and it promises 100% progress. It also offers you the unlocked version of Metal Gear with Extra ++ and DLC content. You will also get the Ground Zero Special items and other unlocked items that are limited to the people who pre-ordered the game. Get this Mod and bless your gameplay.


12. Diamond Girls – Side Op Collection

The diamond girls can be added with this mod. Add S++ female members. In this mod, you can have different challenges, (side-op missions) and fight with tough enemies as you go forward. This mod helps you build a lot of female members that you can add in your team.


13. More Resources and better harvest and Diamonds mod.

This mode provides more resources comparatively what is in the game. This mod runs if you have unlocked the avatar. Read the installation instructions.


14. Skills Modifier

The skills modifier customizes the army so that you can select what features your army should posses. You can select from Athlete, Gunman, Tough Guys, Reloads, Draws, Savage, etc. You can modify and create your army skills just how you want it to be.


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