Here is How You Can Secretly View Anyone’s WhatsApp Status Without Letting Them Know

WhatsApp Status Update Trick

Whatsapp is the most common communicating device used and preferred by all of us. Almost every second user is active on WhatsApp. Prior the application was quite simple, but since FB owned it, we get to see a new feature every two weeks.

Now with the advancement in technology, WhatsApp became the hidden world of all tricks. So many users are still not aware of it. Whatsapp’s Status Update feature is appreciated and loved by all. We can see who have watched our status, similarly, it lets others know when we see their status. Sometimes, you just wonder the people don’t get to know if you have watched his/her status.

What if I say, it is not possible to view anyone’s Status without letting them know. Yes, you read it correct. There is a trick using which you can now secretly view someone’s Status without letting them know about it. It is completely anonymous. You are going to love it.

The two most popular features involved in WhatsApp are Read receipts and status.

Lets briefly discuss these features, as a name suggested Read Receipt are for those when your message has been received and read by the recipient. Generally on WhatsApp when you send someone message it shows double tick, which means the message has been delivered, not giving a clue about whether it is read or not. By enabling Read receipts, the double ticks turn into blue showing that your message is successfully delivered and read by the user. You can manually enable or disable the read receipts by your convenience. By disabling it you won’t be able to see blue ticks on other users chat.

Now come to the next cool feature of WhatsApp which is status WhatsApp Status allows you to share text, photos, videos and animated GIFs in your status. The status is only available for 24 hours. Your contacts are the only viewer of your status update. WhatsApp Status also has one cool feature to hide your status from certain people.

Let us discuss how the Status trick works.

By disabling the read receipts you are able to see someone’s status update without letting them know. Your name will not appear in their status. However, this trick has one little disadvantage too, on disabling Read receipts you will also be unable to see the names of contacts that see your Status update.

To disable Read Receipt, open WhatsApp, tap on 3 Dot Settings on top right, go to Account, tap Privacy and uncheck the box next to Read Receipts.

Since this is a trick, WhatsApp has found a way to take control of the same too. They also made a slight change to this functionality now. Previously WhatsApp will allow you to disable the Read receipts and see the Status update. But now as soon as you turn on the Read receipts, the chat app will send the Read receipts notification to that contact. It doesn’t matter whether you see their status after enabling the read receipt. To avoid such things you need to wait for 24 hours for that particular story to expire. By doing this only you can see their story anonymously.

The time duration for a status update is 24 hours; it means it is only visible for 24 hours. As many of user available in the market prefer android, so the Android users can also go to files stored on their SD card to view the Status.

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