Samsung Accidentally Revealed its Foldable Phone, Galaxy F Release Date is Close

Samsung Foldable Phone Leaked

Since Xiaomi and Royole have already showcased their Foldable devices, people’s expectations with Samsung are increasing day by day. Specially, at the upcoming even of Samsung Galaxy S10 which is scheduled at February 20th.

Samsung is the leading market provider; so obviously, their new launch is always in flashlights. Samsung Galaxy F foldable phone is the talk of the town. With each day new leaks are coming out in the market about the specification of a phone. Samsung is trying to get over with a press conference of the year as soon as possible because with each day the leaks are getting bigger that brings people closer to the February 20th event.

Recently the video of Samsung galaxy F foldable phone is mistakenly leaked by Vietnam center of Samsung; later the video had been removed. The sources who watched the video predict that the device will be thinner than we expected. Earlier the company showed the prototype in a bulky case which suggested that the phone is going to be bulky. But opposite to that device is much thinner than expected .the external display of phone will be bigger suggested by the sources.

Samsung Foldable Phone Leaked_2

Many people are saying that video leaked is a digital render of the phone. It is not real. Even though it is not real it has given enough reason for people to keep wondering about their new launch. The video has one strange thing which makes people wondering. As the device is foldable their external display stays on even though the user just opened it. Many people assume that it should go dark when the handset is unfolded.

Earlier the official press of the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ get leaked, but this time Samsung has something even more exciting for their user. A teaser video of Galaxy F foldable which would be released by Samsung will give us detail about their specification. Their new launch will receive a proper announcement on the launch. The thing about Samsung is that they do innovations with their technology giving scope for future; many of their innovations are a pipeline for future product.

With the leak in the market about their new launch, various people are contemplating their device. Samsung Galaxy f looks like an all-screen tablet that supports stylus input. But it doesn’t look like any tablet that Samsung currently selling in the market. But the new thing about it, this new launch appear to be a folding device.

Samsung is known for its innovations. They try something new in their device. To prove this they showed some interesting concepts in their clip. This time they include an interface to interacting with computers. This is something new and interesting by Samsung.

Also, this time Samsung tries something new with their sound system, the company featured a portable ultrasound device in their clip that could be used together with a mobile device for quick sonograms.

Finally, Samsung gave us a phone that has a flat screen, Samsung also gave us a brief concept about Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S10 Lite. People these days are more addicted to games, keeping this point in mind Samsung doing advancement in their version for gaming users. Samsung is trying advanced AR features in its phones that would support Pokemon-like multiplayer games.

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