Archos 80 Cesium Windows 8.1 tablet PC Suite and USB Driver

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Archos 80 Cesium is the new Windows 8.1 Tablet which is just announced by Archos with the new Windows Phone Archos 40 Cesium. This tablet gives you a 8 inch IPS capacitive display with the resolution of 800 x 1200 pixels. Archos 80 Cesium is powered by a Quad-core Intel processor which is going to pay you a fast performance over the usage experience. Archos 80 Cesium is not yet launched but is expected to get launch in October at the IFA showcase. PC Suite and USB drivers for this tablet is available for download from the link below.

PC Suite gives you a freedom of managing your tablets data easily. You can sync your contacts, messages, notes, reminders, bookmarks, settings with the computer and get these data saved on your PC for accessing it in the future. The back up and restore function works flawlessly with ease. You can also update your tablets OS with the PC suite if you are unable to do it over the air.

USB Drivers are also essential for your smartphone and tablets and it ill be used specifically for PC. It enables the connection bridge between the tablet and the computers so that you can share the data between these two devices. Not only this, but USB drivers also helps you to share your internet connection over the USB cable especially when you don’t have any internet connectivity. Once the USB Drivers are installed properly, you will not face any problems with the USB connection.

Archos 80 CesiumDownload 80 Cesium PC Suite

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