LG OSP (On-Screen Phone) Software

OSP which is also known as On-Screen Phone is an application that allows you to remote control your LG Smartphone via your Computer. You can manage the entire phone on your computer screen using Keyboard and Mouse. This could be very useful when you need to type any note or appointment details on phone. LG OSP also allows you to transfer data from Phone to PC or vice versa. To get this feature work your phone must be connected with computer over Bluetooth, WiFi or atleast USB cable. Only limitation is for OSP is it is not compatible with all LG Mobiles but you can give it a try.

Here are complete list of features that OSP (On-Screen Phone) Software offers:

  • Write, send and receive messages(SMS or other messengers) via PC.
  • Transfer file contents in Gallery, Music, Video Player, Office Viewer in your phone to the PC by drag & drop.
  • Transfer files from the PC to your phone by dragging & dropping.
  • Get real-time event notification from the phone.
  • Watch the whole pages of Home Screens in Panorama View. (Only with LG Home)
  • Multi-touch input using keyboard/mouse.

LG-OSP_On-Screen Phone
LG OSP (On-Screen Phone)

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